Problem with Anker 3.0 PCI-E device

Have for months been having an issue with the USB 3.0 PCI-E under 8.1 Pro, as connected drives becoming spontaneously disconnected and subsequently non-detected despite being physically connected. The only way to restore functionality is to reinstall the driver for the USB device, but that lasts for hours to days.

Plugging the same devices into native 2.0 inputs has no issues.

The attached picture shows my device manager alert a few hours after re-installation of the driver.

If trying to connect the device, either no action occurs, or there is repeatedly an auditory USB connect sound followed by a disconnect sound, which repeats until cable is disconnected.

Is this a hardware of driver issue? Not realizing there was an 18 month warranty, I purchased another device earlier this year for the same reason, and they both exhibit this behavior.

What can be done to resolve?

Are you letting 8.1 download its own drivers from Windows Update or using supplied driver on a disc after re-install?

Also are you fully un-installing the driver (like below) or just removing from device manager?