Problem with a laptop running windows 10's bluetooth not finding new Soundcore flare

It just searches forever and never finds the soundcore. My iphone finds it no problem. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I tried installing new drivers but they are up to date. The computer wont allow me to select a a bluetooth output speaker which I thought might work.

Any suggestions?

First, do not rely on windows to update your bluetooth driver. Find out what bluetooth card or chip your computer is using and go to that manufacturers website to get their latest updated driver. Once installed it should work.

Windows 10 is notori6for causing all sorts of bluetooth issues with the drivers. So the card specific manufacturers are left to fix the issue, all the while Microsoft doesn’t take ownership so it thinks the current drivers are the best when its not

Thanks! I have a Windows Generic Bluetooth Adapter. I found the answer that worked on one of their forums.

See below for anyone else with these issues

Try the following. I had the same issue. However each time I update my computer with a new insider update I have to repeat these steps.

  1. In the search type" Device manager " and open it.
  2. Click on the smal arrow next to either “Bluetooth” or “Universal Serial Bus controllers”
  3. Right click on “CSR” and select Update Driver
  4. Select" Browse my computer for driver update"
  5. Select on bottom :Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my Computer"
  6. Select “Generic bluetooth Driver”

This will fix it and you will be able to use your Bluetooth now with no other problems.

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Worked like a charm! Thanks for sharing. The Flare Mini speakers are amazing.

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I dont know how you call this solved , there’s no resolution to the problem you just vaguely said the drivers are no good … I have troubleshooted my flare+ for months have been through 8 different Bluetooth dongles and adapters including a pcie4.0 5g Bluetooth 5.1 alpha test card from intel and yet still nothing has been able to get windows to recognize this speaker as a speaker , through a little driver modification ,I was able to connect it as a single channel audio device but it sounds like a 1980’s speakerphone playing elevator music so that obviously only allowed it a certain amount of bandwidth or sound quality . I advise Anker have a direct troubleshooting interaction with Microsoft so you can put their logo on your box . I mean if it works for everything but windows … that’s guaranteed a decent few percent of the blame on some of the returns you may receive . so to be clear this problem is not isolated to a bad driver or adapter ,through way more effort than anker has invested ,I found that the entire operating system as it is does not acknowledge the device using any known protocol in windows . There has to be a proprietary protocol or driver that anker had provided to alphabet aka google and is open source to be used on linux based operating systems which is insanely simple but anker must do something on theyre end involving microsoft , because that is the only way this problem will be fixed for everyone .

Its sad when an apple headset will connect to a windows pc but your speaker doesnt , All i ever see on these forums for this issue is blaming the drivers . Yes remind customers to check that first ,but keep in mind this is some technical troubleshooting for the general users . just identifying the model of the bluetooth chip in theyre computer can mean opening a case and looking straight on the board for it in nearly microscopic print .I havent encountered a bluetooth adapter that connected , one guy said his connected , kudos. But this isnt a general windows problem that windows wont recognize bluetooth audio devices this is a unique issue with just this model speaker . I bought mine with the intention of just carrying my pandora music playing on my pc around the house but nope im tethered with an aux cord . On a related not has anyone ever noticed that some android devices dont detect this speaker unless the soundcore app is installed ?.. just saying maybe the same issue is solved on some devices by the appm introducing something that windows has missing , so perhaps anker could make a tiny batch file to modify a setting like the app does on select android devices that wont connect to the speaker prior to the app’s installation

It was said in this podcast

That they take their most feedback from Amazon negative reviews.

Part of the problem is Windows is awful and Soundcore gets unfairly criticised. Part of the problem is Soundcore hasn’t done enough about it like a written step by step problem resolution. They could do a drop down list which eliminates on their support site to guide people. They’ve not put that effort in.

So my suggestion is to put a fair and honest review on Amazon so they notice and prioritise solving this. Don’t write it in venting style as you come across as chip on shoulder emotional type :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would say reset the speakers or delete all pairing with other devices. Try it with Window after that.

I found if you pair some devices with the pc first there is less conflicts when it is paired to other devices as well.

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Correct, as Bluetooth is a backwards compatible protocol, you have to connect to oldest first.

If you connected to newer first you have to reboot the buds before connecting to older. As the buds default to connecting to last connected first means you have to turn Bluetooth off of last connected.

It’s far simpler to just own multiple audio products and dedicate to specific devices. Or be a geek.

When people say replacement buds worked, or say they worked for a while, often it’s this very reason.

The ultimate fix is multiconnect across multiple Bluetooth versions concurrently but that adds cost. Then the complaints are different.