Problem solving ... my ? won't work!

It’s become apparent to myself, and almost definitely to others, that some people don’t know how to solve a problem.

Now we all know how to reboot our phones/tablets/laptops, and how to reboot your internet connection.

I’ll try to keep this as simple n general as possible.

1, turn off , leave for a minute, and turn back on. (Obvs for products that do)

2, are the connections clean or ok?
It’s amazing how many problems are caused by dirty ports, or bent connectors.

3, try a different…
Cable, charger, device.
It seems simple, but sometimes all you need is to change.

4, should be No1, but check the manual.
Lights/LEDs, and basic troubleshooting is often covered in the manual.

5, updates.
Often a problem occurs due to needing a software update.
Once updated, reboot… Doing this helps out the update in the proper order (probably a tech name for this?)

6, is it meant to?
Is it meant to do what your expecting?
I.E. Some devices don’t do fast charging or need higher specs to.

Obvs this isn’t everything, but it should help with non technical issues.

I’m sure some will add, and I hope so.

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Often an update causes new probs.
A downgrade is very difficult to get after this “update”.
LINUX : remove this faulty kernel version and take the old one.
But I must say in the last few years there was no need to do this.

Great synopsis @MacBlank! I hope the people who need this read it :wink:.

Some additions

  • Frying/sizzling sounds or high temperatures means stop right now!

  • bad connections for Windows = update drivers

I’ll let you know if I think of anything else :+1:

First and before all … the use of C:\Users\Human_Resources\brain.exe helps in most cases. :nerd_face:


But from own experience i also know that seomtimes you are (completely) stumped and don’t see the wood for the trees :crazy_face:

Don’t you just call AAA? :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding! Great suggestions. I’ve mentioned checking the ports numerous times on the forum. Been there, done that to know about it.

Bad connection using Windofs :
Go for another OS.

I just used a few common suggestions we all make.

The art of trouble shooting seems to be lacking these days, probably due to lack of common sense that appears to be spreading like a zombie virus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They should also try turning it off and then back on

If off and back on doesn’t work the first time, try it a few more times

Sometimes it’s the startup self check failing

The amount of times I’ve had to turn a train off & on 5 or 6 times to clear a fault

That was number 1

Lol you are right :rofl:

Couldn’t agree with you more…common sense, what’s that? :wink:

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