Problem: Notification on phone doesn't open event (Eufycam 2C)

A few days ago I bought and set up 2 Eufy 2C camera’s en Homebase2. My wife and I share an account so both of us can get notifications on our phones.

When there’s a notification on my wife’s phone (iPhone 11) she can click om the notification to open the event in the Eufy app and directly see the recorded video.

When I open the notification on my phone (samsung S9), the event that triggered it does not open. Instead the Eufy app opens the “live feed” from the camera. In order to see the event I have to open the app, go to events and then select the video for the event seperately.

It’s annoying and I can’t figure out if there’s anything in the settings to fix this.

Any help?

The problem is that you guys are using one account, whoever opens th notification first will be directed to the video feed. It resets to whenever someone else logs into the account from a different device.

Now you can share the account with a family member and grant them access to the cameras and settings, but they have to have their own email address and account in order to do so. To do this then open the app> click on the three lines top left> click on Family & Guest> click the add button> choose the type of access you want > choose what devices you want to share> enter the email address and submit. Make sure it’s an email separate from your main account

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Wow a true helpful fellow.

I use free software and old phones as camera but I’m a geek.

Thanks Tank for your thorough reply!

I see now that I wasn’t completely accurate in my description of the problem.

My wife and I did follow the steps you outline, with her being the Admin en inviting my account (also with Admin rights). Strangely enough that is not the solution but appears to be part of the problem.
I have now tried logging in with my wife’s account (her login and password) and that seems to ‘fix’ the problem.

So now we both log in using het account and both get the notifications that open the event. Luckily it doesn’t seem to matter who opens the notification first, like you describe in your reply.
It feels more like a work-around than a fix though