Problem in my Anker Soundcore Boost, please help me

So folks, I need your help. Yesterday I got an Anker speaker, more precisely the Soundcore Booster. And the first time I connected it to Bluetooth, I realized that the audio quality was not very good, but so far so good, I kept putting the songs, and as I listened I realized that he was making a very annoying wheeze , even distorting the sound at times. At first I thought the speaker would be defective, until I tested it with other phones with the same songs. I tested on two iPhones and a Samsung, on all cell phones the quality seemed to me to be better, besides making no annoying or distorted sound. Most likely the problem is in something on my cell that I could not identify, could you tell me what’s going on? The model of my cell phone is a Xiaomi Mi6.

Hi @Gustavo_Henrique

That doesn’t sound good at all. Can we check where you purchased the speaker from please?

Rest assured Anker stand by their products and will help you the best way possible to replace the device.

Hi @Gustavo_Henrique it’s sounds like an issue mainly with the Xiaomi rather than the speaker itself from your description. Have you tried a fresh BT pairing with your Xiaomi Mi6 or tried connecting directly via the aux cable option and any relevant adapter you have for your phone model?

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It sounds like something coming from you XIAOMI (never heard off to be honest).

There could potentially be a couple issues…

1, the audio settings on your phone need changing… settings/audio and okay with any EQ or any other adaptions you can make. Even if you have (various names) sound alive/wide stereo/Dolby effect??? That could be an issue

2, the A2DP data being sent by your handset.

Although personally I think it’s in the audio settings.

Here is what looks like a good quick guide to similar issues…

@AnkerTechnician are Anker speaker bt5 ready?

Hi @Gustavo_Henrique,

I think the problem may be caused by your cell phone (Xiaomi), because there is no problem when using other phones to test the speaker.

Our speakers are certainly compatible with xiaomi phones. So I would suggest you to reconnect the WIFI and change other music software for a try.:innocent:

Do not support Bluetooth 5.0 currently.:grin:

That’s the answer then.

The Xiaomi mi 6, uses Bluetooth 5.

So most likely the problem is in the Bluetooth version. Is there any way to solve the problem?

My Samsung uses Bluetooth 5 and does not cause any issues when connecting to any speakers that are of lower Bluetooth standards. I have used it with my soundcore version 1 and with the soundcore boost. I also pair the bluetooth 5 to my 2009 dodge which I believe uses Bluetooth 2 and I have no issues. Try turning off wifi and use LTE… suggestion that I found with a quick search

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