Privacy: how to disable location permissions on EufyLife app / android?

The EufyLife app for android requires permission for location access to function. When I withdraw location sharing permission, the app does not work.

It is an app for a bathroom scale, what does it need my location data for?

Collecting this health relevant data is unacceptable. Despite otherwise good experience with eufy products, I am really upset about this breach of privacy.

How do I revoke location access on the Eufy app for android in a way that the app still functions?

When I try to disable location permissions in Android I get this:

I don;t use that application.
But as far I remember I disabled all those kind of useless monitoring at the apps I use.
(google’s for instance) -> (BIG Bother is watching YOU :angry:)
An answer from EUFY would be interesting, that’s really true

The body composition scale is useless without the app, there is no way to see the detailed measurements for body fat etc outside it.

The app is required, and it needlessly demands location permissions. I am livid that it won’t function without it and needlessly collects personal data.

EUFY, this would be easy to fix: Please update the app so that location permissions can be disabled in Android.

This is a requirement of Android 6.0 and up, it has nothing to do with the developers of the app as it’s Google who has set and defined the requirements.
See This article in regards to location services being required to access Bluetooth

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Aha! :grin:
I think I have disabled these localisation features in Android.
So these dont show up anymore.
So an app is asking, you should enable this feature.
Even with “NO” it should work.
For Bluetooth there is NO need to show your location,

thanks, I installed other bluetooth apps and noticed a similar behavior. I’ll have to be angry with google then.

To prevent any data transmission I installed the firewall app “netguard”, and noticed that EufyLife still tries to transfer data:

I understand that the location request is a default in android, but why does a smart scale app have to “phone home” like this ?