Prime Day Starts Now | Get Up To 40% OFF

Hey Anker Fans!

Prime Day has finally arrived, so we won’t waste any time on idle chit-chat. Instead, let’s just get straight down to the deals.

This year we’ve got up to 40% off a huge range of our best sellers with discounts available for our fans in the US, UK, and Germany.

Keep reading to see some of our top picks and to find out where you can get your hands on all of this year’s deals.

Top US Deals:

PowerPort Atom PD 2 - 40% OFF

The Ultra-Compact Dual-Port Wall Charger for Phones, Laptops, and More

PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder - 20% OFF

The 2-in-1 Wireless-Charging Station

PowerLine III USB-C to USB-C 100W Cable (6 ft) - 27% OFF

The 100W Max Power Delivery Cable

PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Dock - 20% OFF

The All-in-One Docking Station

See the full list of US Prime Day deals here: Anker: TOP PICKS

Top UK Deals:

PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports) - 37% OFF

The Ultra-Slim 4-Port USB-C Desktop Charger

PowerCore Essential 20000 - 33% OFF

The Ultra-High Capacity Dual-Port Portable Charger

See the full list of UK Prime Day deals here: Anker: TOP PICKS

Top German Deals:

PowerPort Atom III (Two Ports) - 31% OFF

The Dual-Port Wall Charger with Upgraded Compatibility

PowerCore Essential 20000 PD - 30% OFF

The Ultra-High Capacity Dual-Port Portable Charger

See the full list of German Prime Day deals here: Anker: DIE BESTEN ANGEBOTE

See anything you like? Well if you do, make sure you act fast, because these discounts will not be around for long!

Power On!


There’s an error in the UK part.

You wrote “PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports”) but you actually link to the


The Atom Slim III is this

And you’ve forgotten to discount it.

Did you discount the wrong item (hint, yes this error)? Or did you just name it incorrectly? (hint, no not this error who wants 1 PD port and 3 USB A ports? Crazy, we want many more PD ports)

@paulstevenewing I’m sure will help spot and confirm when the error is corrected :slight_smile:


Great discounts @AnkerOfficial :+1:

Here is the link for All CA Deals:

Top CA Deals:

Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD 45W with 60W PD Charger - 36% OFF

Anker 30W Ultra Compact Type-C Wall Charger - 39 % OFF


I certainly will @professor :wink:

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Some decent deals

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I’m sorry but I think their error is going to run the entirety of the Prime Day event. The duration of the incorrect item is the duration of the event.


Oh and my hopes got up for a nanosecond

A 4 port USB-C. Wow! Nah, a 1 port USB-C with 3 USB A.

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nicceeee :slight_smile:

The USB-C 100W cable link actually goes to a USB-C to lightning cable. Not what I am looking for.
Anker USB C to Lightning Cable, iPhone 11 Charger [6ft Apple MFi Certified] Powerline II for iPhone SE / 11 Pro/X/XS/XR / 8 Plus/AirPods Pro, Supports Power Delivery

Act quickly if you want it!


They probably meant this link:

Which has a $5 coupon right now. And takes it back to the sale price it was at a few weeks ago.

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any deals on the eufy indoor cameras ? thanks

Did you get this one @professor? 49%20AM

Hey what happened to this @AnkerOfficial ?!


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No Anker made a typo. They didn’t actually sell the Atom III slim.

They didn’t discount this, which is worth the effort to get as two USB-C ports:

They discounted instead this item which isn’t worth bother getting, who needs just one USB-C port…

They did correctly discount the 20000 PD so I bought that. I was gifted the 20000 PD for Xmas by Anker, liked it, I accidentally drowned it and broke it and been waiting since for discount, which we got today. I’m expecting in my hands shortly.


My money kept in the bank waiting for the Slim III 2 USB-C to be discounted. Meantime I’ve got plenty of other chargers I can use.

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Wonder if the Atom III 63w will drop tomorrow @professor?
It’s a 2 day event after all! :crossed_fingers:t2:
Don’t get me wrong £22.99 WOULD be an awesome, but I would settle for £30-35.

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Time to go shopping, thanks Anker. :star_struck::anchor:

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No chance.

The UK deals have a long validity,if they had a short validity then a chance. This is all the deals in the Prime Day event. USA is different. Random selection of UK deals, they all the same, 3 days.

image image image image image image image image

USA examples:

image image image

So, typically, the USA is getting better deal opportunities as they will be getting more new deals tomorrow, so USA members here are more likely to encounter a match to their needs. The UK won’t be getting new deals tomorrow as we have to wait for these to expire at the end of the 3 day event.

The typical first discount of a product is 18%, then over a period we inch to about 30% via combinations of discounts and vouchers, so about £33 is very likely over next weeks. Just not this week. Pity.

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Shame @professor
But patience is a virtue, I CAN and I WILL wait until it drops onto the low £30’s.

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OH! I see now…I’ve never seent hat dual USBC port in the US!! I didn’t even know they made that one. I’ve got the single USBC which has a dedicated 45W, which was perfect for my chromebook. I had no problems with three other powerIQs - those got all my other devices charged at adequate speeds as far as I was concerned.