Prime Day Sales

We now have an idea of what to expect from the Anker sale that coincides with Amazon Prime day. What do you think the price of the PowerHouse 200 will be after the discount?


I think the PowerHouse 200 may go to maximum discount of $50, with final price $299.99

My usual observation over the years is, there are much better deals year round than the Black Friday or the Prime Day deals… these are inflated prices with discounts, so I always refrain from these 2 -3 days or the holiday season.

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I’m definitely buying a PORTABLE CHARGER (probably PowerCore 10000 PD), couple CABLES (Powerline 1ft Lightning Cable, maybe one of the USB-C), and maybe PowerPort Strip 3.

Can’t wait.

Not discount on Lighting Powerline II + cables?

My guess is about $250 for PowerHouse 200.

Good choice, @onstar! :+1:

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Anecdotal experience or demonstrated with price tracking software? I usually feel it’s a little of both.

I might be able to spend $250 on it.

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my own experience with buying products and price variations for the same item… usually Jan end or Sep are the times when prices are low or have better deals than the holiday season…

again… this is my experience, ymmv


I want a good deal on a powerline II + A to lightning Cable


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If there is a good deal I would buy a portable charger. I’m planning to do interrail in 3 weeks so it would be awesome to have a charger

there was a deal i had posted, expired,

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I was able to find this Anker powerline cable.

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I cannot apply the codes for two different products when I attempt to purchase them on Amazon. I didn’t see a restriction on only being able to receive one discount even if multiple items are purchased. Did I miss the restriction or is something going on with Amazon’s site?

I tried each code individually and each worked but just kept replacing the other code instead of being additive to my discount.

I’m trying to purchase:
Powerline II Lightning Cable (6ft)
Powerline+ II USB-C to Lightning Cable (3 ft)

*editing to add - Yes, I could make two separate purchases but I want to understand the issue and flag it if what I’m experiencing was not the intended result.

This amazon prime day is legit honestly the deals are amazing still waiting for the perfect one :upside_down_face:

Me Too.

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Ordered a Powercore 10000 PD. With a Prime credit for shopping at Whole Foods I paid $18 net total delivered.

I must say this is underwhelming, in part as the product innovation is underwhelming.

10000mAh is too small for a PD level of Wattage, it should be 13000-15000mAh.
We need IQ3 Powercore to match IQ3 Powerport, so one can recharge fast from the other.
We need international / corded versions of Powerport, including IQ3. Say a 4 port 60W corded version and then use either the country specific C7 cord or a socket adapter which are light+cheap.

Now I bought the 10000 PD I’m seeking a dual USB-C Powerport with UK plug. I am in UK from late August so this US-specific stuff isn’t going to be useful for me.

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Did you happen to get the free hard case with code ANKERBACS (add both to cart)? Not sure if you were interested…

I’m glad 10Ah is an option, especially for 18W. If it were 30W, then I agree, 13-15Ah would be better.

I know… Wonder how much longer we will have to wait. :tired_face:

On an unrelated note, it looks like the charger you recently won is now available on with a different plug. I know it’s not the UK plug, but it may be a sign that it’s coming soon.

UK Duo would be good. Currently this is the nearest.

A C7 corded is not necessarily bigger than wall mounted as you pair with shorter USB cables. It solves the plug problem, and is under-attended by Anker. I can understand why folding pin 1 or 2 port are vogue in USA, compact, doesn’t scratch (proves why the Atom 1 non-folding was dumb) but I am still using 3 year old Anker technology due to the lack of an end to end integrated holistic vision of power technology from Anker. Their scattergun chaotic approach without a vision is baffling, puts them a year behind the ones we won’t mention.

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… And I did :grinning:

$239.99, you mean?!