Prime Day deals still available with promo codes for several Anker products

Hey you living in the US: if you lost a Prime Day deal on an Anker product you wanted, there’s still a chance:

Everything from cables to dongles to the Nebula Mars II can still be bought cheaper than usual, if you hurry!

Trying to find the same deals for us Up North… :smirk:


We use 36 hours broke our prime day sale record this year!:confetti_ball:


very interesting deals :heart_eyes:

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yah eufy smart plug. :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome. I kept seeing deals over and over occurring from Anker and was hoping more people would hop on board with them. Glad it was a success for you all!


Still valid?


It depends what product you want!:grin:

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Glad the company is still running deals/coupons and getting a lot of recognition. I’ve seen Anker highlighted on Amazon many times during prime day.