Price of PowerCore II 10000, Amazon Canada

I was wondering if the pricing for the PowerCore II 10000 Slim is correct for the listing on, as it is currently selling for $89.99. Compared to the PowerCore II 20000 can be had for around $49.99 when available. It seems like at a price point of almost $90, you can get alternatives by Anker, granted less recent models for much better value.

That seems to be the retail price and has not been discounted in any way.

Here’s the same item in the Amazon US store:

Notice the “Sale” price. There’s no mention of a “Sale” price on the Amazon CA site for the same item.

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Wait. Probably it is that price for a period to then be on sale later.

According to Keepa, it’s been around the $32.99 mark for a while at least on Amazon US. It was $79.99 for a few days after release till it dropped to its current price.

USA price $28 currently.

Just wait for a price drop.

Hi @SagaraS, the price for the PowerCore II 10000 Slim has dropped, you can take a look.:grin:

Sweet, thank you so much. Time to buy them as gifts :smiley:

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Cool. Is the law in Canada mean it have to be held at the high price for a specific minimum period to then allow it to be legitimate to look like this?