[Price Drop] Mynt Haven Foot Massager

Update: The price has been reduced from $219.99 to $179.99.

Since there is not a dedicated Mynt section in the Community (or at least not yet), I figured I would post about this new product in the Anker section.

In case you aren’t familiar with Mynt, here’s a link to the about page on their website.

Mynt’s latest offering is an innovative new foot massager with fully customizable settings and 22 massage heads that can bring your feet a lot of relief after a tough day on the job. Specifically, you can tailor air pressure, intensity, heat, roller, and speed for the perfect experience. There are also three different modes (soothe, refresh, traditional shiatsu) to choose from.

Here is a rundown of some of the key features.

Targeted Tapping: Unique design delivers precise therapy to the bridge, and rest of the foot – aiding blood flow and refreshing tired feet.
Superior Massage: Enjoy treatment that’s broader, tailored, and masseuse-grade – with fully customizable settings and a pioneering 22 massage heads.
Turn Up The Heat: Warmth is delivered quicker, and at a constant temperature - targeted at key areas of the foot.

Luxurious Build: Crafted from durable material, for long-term use that won’t let you down. Removable inner sleeves for easy washing and better hygiene.
What You Get: Tapping Foot Massager, Power Cable, Owner’s Manual, 24 Month Warranty & Fan Favorite Support.

Of course, Mynt has already released two other foot massagers. They have a premium shiatsu one that sells for $199.99 and softcover one priced at $69.99.

Mynt on Amazon has received 99% positive feedback in the past year, so it sounds like they are having quite a bit of success in terms of customer satisfaction. Personally, I’ve already reviewed two of their products, and they’ve been excellent.

You can already order the Mynt Haven Foot Massager on Amazon. It is available now for $219.99 $179.99.

What do you all think of this foot massager? Would you consider buying it? Is the price right? Be sure to us know your answers to these questions, as well as your thoughts on the brand as a whole, by dropping a reply down below!


If money was no object I would own this, after a long night working it would be nice to kick back and relax with this and the shoulder massager mynt offers

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I have the $199 Mynt Foot Massager, just sitting in the box after a few uses.
It’s either too rough or can barely be felt. I doubt this one would be any better. Looks different but I am sure works the same.

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I have the 199 version when it went on sale. Nice that it fits my big feet


something expensive … but I would like to have it

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this would be a good gift for my mom

I have the Mynt Pillow Massager and love it. I’m sure this massager would be great too. I wonder if it is as quiet as the pillow massager. I do love that there are so many ways to customize the usage on this foot massager. But I think the price point could be a bit better. I love Shiatsu massagers, those regular vibrating ones only make me nauseous.

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PSA: Price has dropped $40 (previously $219.99, now $179.99)

I personally recommend this product: Mynt Vibrating Seat Massager

It’s very suitable for office use! I tested before and really addicted to it!