Price difference is shocking.

I’ve been waiting on the Eufycam 2 to drop in price for a while now. Current

Eufycam 2 pricing. UK site £350 vs US site $276. That’s a £134 ($151) difference for the same system. Wow! Come on. Show some fairness here please. Thanks


You are only comparing the price difference but not considering the taxes and logistics required in UK.

The price difference is due to various factors such as sales tax, import tax and many more entities


There are many factors creating that prizes.

Often things are cheaper in USA than in Germany, for example
( I take always a look at )
But sometimes its really the opposite.

Watch the market and the prizes ( for an longer period you will find out more.


Shenoy! Sorry but that’s nonsense. ALL Eufy’s other items are the same price in $’s as they are in £’s on the site. Mostly all US companies do things that way too and as for taxes, the US charge more at the till than the UK in reality. Your answer doesn’t do you any favours at all. Answer me this, do ALL Eufy’s other items somehow have different “sales tax, import tax and many more entities”? If so, what are the entities that are different to all their other products that make them the same?

Thanks Franz.

That’s a more sensible response than the above one.

Still annoys me that the price is so much more for this camera only. Eufy really dropped the ball with this. We are potentially customers in the EU / UK too and should be looked after in the same fashion. Bad business practice to treated us so differently.

I’m coming across here as harsh which I’m not. I’m basically a consumer that expects fairness from suppliers really.

Thanks again.

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You are absolutely right.
But that’s marketing.
Of course you can order the item at
BUT with shipping and taxes it will not will not be a bargain anymore.


Different discounts on specific products based current stock levels and promotions by region.

You picked one product.

You see the $349 with a line through it showing $276?

There is not a discount right now in UK on the same model.

Incorrect. Look at a different product.

The 2C, it has been on promotion this last week.

It is currently on a lesser discount in US. So right now the product you are not looking at costs more in US than UK. So someone else looking at a different product will form the exact opposite conclusion.

In UK the 2 add-on camera was £99 this last week, now back up.

Under UK law you cannot show a discount until that is a true statement, so a price has to be higher before it can be lower. The precursor to a discount is a higher price.

As others also stated these are at different tax regimes. USA is a price without sales tax, which varies by delivery address from 0% to 10%. UK is a price with tax at 20%.

You are looking at one product at one time and then forming a conclusion for all products. Incorrectly.


“Mehrwertsteuer” (VAT) (normally 19%) is always included in Germany.
There are NO prizes without VAT published.

But you will get VAT back when delivered or exported to non EU countries. will refund VAT when shipped to Switzerland.
The reason there is no
Don’t know what will happen after Brexit because will still be in business.


You have had that for some years, you can visit UK, buy an item, and claim the sales tax back on leaving at the airport. Or you could buy an item in UK for delivery outside and have no sales tax. Legally you are then importing to the other country and then should declare and pay the tax.

In US til a few years ago, you could buy from out-of-state to bypass the tax, and relied on the honesty system in tax filing to declare any items, that has been tightened.

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Sounds good but nonsense once again. Theres no justification for charting over a 1/3 more in the UK and reducing the price in the US whilst maintaining the higher one in the UK. None whatsoever. I wouldn’t have felt so disappointed if they’d dropped the price to the same in £’s but they didn’t and still haven’t.

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Yes, I’ve been following and researching ALL the Eufy cams and their prices thanks. I know they promoted the others last week already. However (and to my actual point), the Eufycam 2 was until this week £349 and $349. Reducing the price in the US only for the Eufycam 2 whilst charging over a 1/3 MORE is an insult to potential buyers in the UK/EU. Almost half of the UK RRP is WAY too much of a difference. It’s a shame, I was excited to see the price come down and to make my purchase. This (and some of your terrible attempts to justify it) has left a bitter taste. I’ll re-address my choice of camera out of principle.

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I’m not sure why they choose to match prices with many of their products. But the reality is that UK VAT is 20% for standard goods (which I believe this qualifies as) and is charged before they show you the price.

Whereas in the US, sales tax is variable by where the purchaser is, and is charged at checkout. So you are comparing a price without sales tax to a price that includes 20% VAT.

On top of that, you are looking at a US sale price vs a UK non sale price, as @professor pointed out. Comparing the two regular prices, and given current exchange rates, the VAT accounts for almost the entire difference in price.

Having sales be different between regions stinks. But I remember a few months ago when the Model zero was down to £39.99 on the UK store, while it was still the full $199 price on the us store.

Happens both ways, you can order across countries and pay the shipping costs if it is actually worthwhile to you (that Model zero sale almost was).


Yes! I’m aware of the VAT here thanks. Sales taxes aside, US companies (including Anker) charge the same price here in £’s as they do $'s. Anker STILL have cameras on for the same pricing structure. This apparent US ONLY reduction is an insult. Would you be happy to see a product reduced by the same with no similar reduction ion other countries? If you answer yes you are deluded. It hasn’t happened both ways either. I’ve been monitoring their cams and prices for a while now. Charging £131 MORE (just under half more of the UK RRP) for the same product in the UK is appalling. It’s bad business.

So what you’re asking for, regardless of local country stock levels, Anker does the identical discount in all countries at the same time?

Perchance in the secret career history you obvious have had in supply chain management, how well did that happen when you tried it? How did you solve when a country had less stock the items became unavailable quicker, how did you handle those complaints of how it is so unfair “bad business” (your words) how some countries have the discounted item for sale but not in other countries?

Wow this is so unfair, UK folks get Powercore 26800 for less than US!

So what should Anker do about this gross unfairness to the US, should they raise the price in UK to match?

Should the Eufycam 2 price reduction in USA be delayed til stock levels permit the same in the USA?



Not sure you read to the end of my post. I saw it happen the other way by an even greater margin on a different Anker product, and the link is there.

Sales are always happening, and differently in different regions and on different platforms. It is not uncommon in the US for amazon to have a sale while the Eufy/Anker/Soundcore sites themselves do not have a sale on the same product. And those are probably the same supply chain and coming from the same warehouses.

For things purchased on Amazon that aren’t urgent, I use to check price histories, and then set up a watch list to notify me when the price comes back down.

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I use them too. Plus I have my own scripts. Over time I found UK has about a 4% average higher price than US after removing exchange rates and tax. I suspect that is probably due to UK being a smaller market and overheads higher. But 4% is very small.

There is an inflation pressure just showing signs in the UK due to exchange rate. The USD has a “safe haven” counter intuitive of when the world has a problem, the Dollar increases in relative value. A few weeks ago the UK Pound £ fell to a 30 year low, and any currency transferred then would have an inflationary pressure.

It is also more expensive in most smaller countries to do business due to lockdowns, there is also a bigger hint of that inflation pressure. It’s first manifestation was less critical items given less warehouse space, to release capacity for higher importance items (e.g. medical) so less stock. Less stock means less scope for discounting to shift stock. I suspect it’s worse in the smaller countries than UK. If we wait long enough someone will be along later to complain.

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derek19, hope you got answers you were looking for, and if still not convinced, I would only say, go where your wallet and mind says… there is nothing really that can be done for the prices, as shown on Amazon or for that matter any online retailer, as we (forum) members


Not the sharpest are you? You are quibbling over a few dollars with that one when you take the exchange rate into account. Its hardly almost half and over £150 of a difference. Love how this is inside your brain and you’re scouring the web trying to make a point though. :rofl:

Waffle. What Covid or inflation has to do with the question is irrelevant. You need to get out more.