Prevent IR Reflection from white wall / light grey shutters


over the last weekend, I have installed the 2C cameras outside of my house. I really like the ease of use and the coverage and might install a third one to get us covered fully.

However, the first night I realized an obvious issue with one of the installed cameras, when it switches to night vision using the IR lights.

To get a good angle for that camera I had to install it close to a wall / window with shutters. Obviously this means that IR will be reflected, especially by the shutters that are only ~5cm away from the camera. This will, of course mean, that the shutters stick out bright “grey” and the rest of the scene is rather dark, so barely usable to identify anything / anybody.

I was wondering if and how anyone else might have solved this. I was thinking about sticking some black “shield” to the right side of the camera, in hope that it would prevent the IR being directed to and reflected by the shutters. However, it might impact the angle of the camera itself.

I know there are similar threads already in the forum, but I didn’t dine any that would direct towards a solution, so any tip / suggestion would be highly appreciated.

The thread Eufycam long type IR reflection off wall causing white blowout does not seem to suggest a solution either

@AnkerOfficial, any suggestion on what I could do? Unfortunately, the 2C mounting has quite limited angles as to how you could adjust the camera, so other spots to fix the mounting are limited / non-existent