Presenting Your Star Contributors

Thanks to everyone who applied to become a Star Contributor. I had a great time reading through your applications and discussion. We selected our Stars based on quality of previous posts, willingness to join the program, and peer support.

Without further ado, it’s time to introduce your Star Contributors:

Joshuad11 - A highly-active senior member of the community, Josh has a knack for digging up information on new products. I’m sure he’ll make insightful and informative contributions in this new role.

Elmo41683 - No, I’m not talking about this Elmo:

I’m talking about one of our friendliest and most helpful community members. The positivity he brings to our discussions here will definitely help him shine brightly as one of our Stars.

Tiagomota - Writer of in-depth reviews with a humorous flair and a talent for photography. His previous posts demonstrate a masterful command of the written word, and a deep knowledge of marketing. Maybe one day I’ll even learn how to pronounce his username!

Thanks once more to everyone who joined in this event, and especially to our Star Contributors. I’m looking forward to seeing great things in the future. This coming month, we’ll have a trial run to see how our Star Contributors like the program. If you decide it’s not for you after giving it a shot, no worries! We’ll make adjustments or add to our roster of Contributors as necessary.

Let’s get a big round of applause, Anker fans! ::clap:: ::clap:: ::clap::

Power On!


Congrats to @joshuad11 @elmo41683 and @tiagomota , I think we will be seeing great things from them going forward :thumbsup:


Congratulations, @joshuad11, @elmo41683 and @tiagomota! It is well deserved! :tada:
I look forward to your posts!


Congrats @joshuad11 @elmo41683 @tiagomota


Congratulations @joshuad11 @elmo41683 and @tiagomota :grin: :thumbsup:


Thanks so much @AnkerOfficial! It is an honor. Looking forward to contributing even more to the Community! And congratulations to @elmo41683 and @tiagomota! Along with our moderators, I think this is an excellent team of star contributors. :stars:


Well chosen.
Congrats! :smile:


Well done @joshuad11 @elmo41683 & @tiagomota :clap: :clap:

3 very worthy Star Contributers right there indeed.
Excellent decision making @AnkerOfficial :thumbsup:


Congrats Guys! :wink:


contrats :tada:@joshuad11 @elmo41683 and @tiagomota well done :blush:


Big congrats to @joshuad11, @elmo41683 (birthday, level promotion and now this - been a good week :yum:) and @tiagomota :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: definitely well deserved :tada:

And also congrats to @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell who are also part of the new star contributor team. :clap:t2::clap:t2:

Looking forward to seeing all the new content and hearing your experiences at being a star contributor.


Well done all

I’ll be the one that’s honest enough to say… A lil jealous but glad it went to deserving people.


nice idea, well done


Wow wow wow, thanks so much for those who recommended me and those who congratulated me. I am honored and appreciative of you all and for being selected. @AnkerOfficial thanks for choosing me and the ithers as well, so congrats @joshuad11 and @tiagomota very well deserved.


Congrats to all. I’m looking forward to see some interesting topics. @AnkerOfficial are you creating an badge for them? Would be a good opportunity to use reinvent them


Congratulations to @joshuad11 @elmo41683 and @tiagomota - Looking forward to reading your posts!


Huzzah for the winners!

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congrats to @joshuad11 @elmo41683 and @tiagomota for being selected.


Wow! I’m overwhelmed! :grinning:

I really didn’t think I had a chance, not with so many awesome users in the mix! Many many thanks to everyone who recommended me on the applications thread and cheered for me here!

And a big cheer also to my fellow stars @elmo41683 and @joshuad11, you guys certainly deserve to be a star and I can only feel humbled to be cast alongside you two. And, of course, the honoris causa stars @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell, if those two were allowed to apply, there would be only one spot left!

I look forward to beginning my contributions as a star! :star:

As for pronouncing my name, @AnkerOfficial, here’s a handy audio guide: Living in Montreal, I’m used to hearing my name in three distinct accents on a daily basis: the French-speaking tend to put more strength at the end - as with most French words - and it goes something like tchi-a-GO; the English-speaking tend to either pronounce the middle “A” like they would on the alphabet, making it tchi-AY-go, or to simply make the “A” stronger, like thci-A-go. In my native Brazilian Portuguese it also varies wildly according to where the person comes from within Brazil, but the typical pronunciation would make it slightly stronger at the beginning and almost changing the sound of the last “O” to an “U”, making it THCI-a-guh. Mota is the beginning of my last name - which is a long one - but I believe we have reached the first-name treatment at this point, right? :wink: