Premium USB C Hub does it work on the go backup for Samsung S8+?

I have a Samsung S8+ and I’m looking for a on the go solution for my backups from SD and microSD to SSD Sandisk.
Which of these products could be the right one?

-Anker 5-in-1Premium USB-C Hub
-Anker 7-in-1 Premium USB C Hub

If necessary, to be used connected to a charger or a powerbank also.

Many thanks!

I would recommend the 5-in1. It would suit all your needs sufficiently :grin:.

Good luck!

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Many thanks for your reply!!!

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I also forgot to mention that right now it has a significant sale… so you should strike before it ends :grin:

Linked to my Samsung S8+ the hub light is on but it doesn’t work, I tried to link the ssd also and an Sd card but nothing. (it work perfectly on my iMac)

With the 7 in 1 premium hub, I had to have external power source connected. But once I did that my s9+ worked great with it, I even managed to get it in Dex mode for desktop use

I had to take it instead …

I tried to link my anker powercore speed, smartphone start to charge but nothing else.