Premium Bluetooth Speaker - Rapidly flashing yellow light

This morning I tried to turn on my speaker and it’s flashing rapid yellow. My laptop doesn’t have bluetooth so I’ve been connecting via cables. I’ve had a yellow light before and I usually just unplug the cord and replug it in to “reset” it. This has worked until today. No matter what I do - unplug - press and hold button - press and hold combinations of buttons etc. it will not restart. Any suggestions out there?

I believe a rapid flashing yellow light relates to low charge / charging fault. Have you tried charging with a different cable / wall charger to rule out?

I have the same problem. I tried with another charger, I tried with other cables… nothing, the power light is yellow and flashhing repeated and fast.
What to do? :frowning:

I had the same problem (rapidly flashing yellow when plugged into any charger or cable, no lights when not). It’s a dead battery (I checked). There are two YouTube videos under “Anker 3143 speaker repair” that show you how to get to it. Watch both. The one in German is better (you’ll figure it out). Two battery packs (7.4V 2600mAh #18650) with the right two-pin board plug, from eBay, will cost about $20 shipped. You can’t order one for less.

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If someone knows to replace, (open) its easy.
Thank you for information.
We appreciate.:grinning:

Could you add the url of the videos you mentioned, please.
This is the German video you mentioned

The fellow does a great job

Sorry for the triple post.
Same old, usual server issues. :grimacing: