Premium 5 in 1 USB-C Hub - We Love Testing Review

Review - Premium 5 in 1 USB-C Hub

This is part of the we love testing program and had received this Hub from Anker to review it and share my impressions of it.

First of all i would just like to say for those who do not know what this product is that its a device so that there are more ports available to connect devices. this product can also be used to mirror a Macbook Pro (2015+) onto a tv using HDMI.


As you can see from the packaging Anker has kept it simple and formal. there is also a design which can only be seen in the light which is very clever. the contents in the box is the hub itself, a soft carry pouch, a user manual and a happy/not happy card which Anker includes in everyone of there products which is great of them.

Aesthetics of the Hub:

I think that the hub looks very smart and it has a metallic smooth feel to it. The hub has various different ports for example.) HDMI port which can produce video in 4K, SD/TF universal card reader, 2x USB 3.0 ports which is the enhanced version compared to the previous generation. the Hub also has a USB C connection which is great for Anker to have as many of the new ports are going into USB C.

I had tested it with my macbook pro and it also has a indicator so when you plug it in a light turns on. i had also tested the SD/TF reader which worked perfectly. I was then able to connect my Macbook and mirror the screen using a HDMI cable and it mirrored it perfectly onto my tv.

Build quality:

The build quality of the hub is very good i would say. The hub is lightweight and also comes with a carry case with it which i think that its a bonus. When you are holding the hub in the carry case then the grip is much better. the wire also connected to the hub is also quite thick which is very good as it wont break like the dogey apple cables.


The hub can fit into a pocket even with the carry case pouch Anker has included on. it is very portable as its small. and i thinks its good for the size and what it does.


This hub comes down only to £29.99 for what it does, the build quality and the portability i think Anker has given this the right price tag; Compared to apple this is a much better option.


I think that that the hub is a great product and a nice gadget to keep around with you.

The portability build quality, the price and an included carry case its great; however one big letdown for me is that it is not compatible for the new iPad pro’s which has a usb c port i think this would be a great addition to this.

I would rate this product a 9/10 as it does everything it is meant to but as its not compatible with the new iPad pro it is a slight letdown but the job this hub does makes up for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review. Thanks for watching!

I have also done a unboxing video the link is here and don’t forget to subscribe… thanks!


Great review!


Great review and photos. I would recommend you put We love testing in title. As far as I remember, @AnkerOfficial had that in the rules

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Nice review!

I don’t think that’s in the rules…

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Just to be on the safe side i just put it in :innocent:


Nice review. I like the pouch.


Good review, I will like to see some pictures of the 5-1 in action plug to a USB-C device.

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Great review and photos

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Good advice :wink:


Nice review! Like the premium pouch

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Great review and photos! Thanks for posting.

When will the full video reveiw be complete? I can’t wait for it :blush:

Thank you for the review. Where do I find a link to the user manual?

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it comes in the box when you purchase it