Prediction: Anker will do a combined Bluetooth Speaker with 15W Wireless charger combined

So I am predicting Anker will within the next year make a:

  • Bluetooth speaker, stereo
  • with a Qi 15W Wireless output coil on it’s top and/or its front.
  • It is wired charger of USB-PD, probably 30W
  • Contain 8000mAh-10000mAh order of size internal cell
  • contain a top Qi pad, probably around 7.5W-10W
  • contain a front Qi pad, probably around 15W. The phone has to be propped up in portrait mode and the speakers are either side.
  • it will use the fact that sound actually moves air in/out and so it cause cooling air, and they’ll use this to help chill the front pad.
  • there may have to be a small fan come on at times.
  • shipping date after August.

This will be similar to the Wakey but add a front stand, have a battery so you can carry it with you.

I estimate the cost will come out in the region of $40-$45.

This would be a different emphasis to the Powerconf, you’d prop your phone up and do wireless calls and video calls using the speaker for audio.

If Anker made it would you buy it?

  • I’d buy a combined BT speaker with wireless charger.
  • I’d not bother, thanks for asking.

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It’s definitely an interesting sounding product, but I don’t think I would really be interested. If I’m using Bluetooth, it’s because dont want my phone to be tethered to a speaker… otherwise it might has well be wired, and have better audio

I find this unlikely due the price of the wakey (originally $99, now $79).

By the way, your poll allows people to choose multiple votes. You probably want to change that.


Cost vs price. Price is set by people liking it, so you sell it much higher than cost. I spoke of cost, not price.

Wakey price will come down if people liked it less.

Thanks for the poll error, I created it manually but now I see they added the widget to do it for me less errors.

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Let’s make this perfectly clear, I don’t get told about much before anyone else, and I’ve only ever posted about two things that weren’t yet fully public…

I’m thinking they will release something like this, but perhaps with some of the new speaker tech we’ve been seeing debut in phones/laptops (like speakers under the display/keyboard) with a smaller area of more precise vibration and thus an overall smaller device, so more like a wireless charging PowerCore but with the added bonus of being an excellent little speaker rather than the other way around.

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So you think the speaker under the phone? Won’t that make the phone wrattle?

The air movement thing of speakers is obvious to see in the waterproof speakers.

(Mini 2 example see the water bounce off)

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I would wait on a better refined version of Wakey … aka Wakey 2.

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You can get a hint quasi of what I mean from this

I think the Powerconf from Anker has been well received, I detect its popularity as 2020 becomes the work-from-home-year.

The video conf though does want landscape mode, that allows the speakers more room.

What I’d expect Anker to do is add portable to the product so you can unplug and it works the same portable.

Wakey is strickly wired, bedside. So my idea is a mid-way merger between Wakey and Powerconf with Powerwave Stand.

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I actually wanted to get a wakey but it had the drawback of not being portable so I shied away from it. I think your idea is interesting only I dont really care for the front qi pad plus I’d rather have the top one be 15W


This would be nice to see imo.

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