Precision Laser Gaming Mouse

I usually don’t change the buttons on my mouse, but I recently got a TrackIR system, and want to assign Ctrl-Shift-C to center the view using the mouse button 4 and Ctrl-Shift-P to pause the view using mouse button 6. I assigned these buttons to Profile 2, saved it, and tested it. I then started up my flight sim and went to center the view, and button 4 did nothing. Neither did button 6.

I went back and checked, and the assignments were still there, and the mouse worked fine, as long as the mouse profiler was open. I reloaded the profile, clicked on OKAY, went back to the sim, and the buttons did not function. As long as I have both TrackIR and the mouse profiler open, the buttons work, but when I close the profiler, or even when it’s not the active window, the buttons stop working. Why isn’t the mouse holding the settings?

Running Windows 10/64.

-= Gary =-

Your game profile may be set up to take presence over windows control for that particular game. You may need to go into your game settings and adjust or even windows setting to not allow game control profiles to take presence over your settings

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