Pre-recording before notification arrives - EufyCam

I traded out our Arlo Pro’s for the Eufy due to the battery life and clearer picture.
The issue I’m hoping gets incorporated in the near future is that recordings have a couple of seconds ‘pre-roll’ - as when I get a motion notification, whatever it is has just about or already left the frame, and the Arlo’s have a pre-record function which captures a couple of seconds prior to the notification.

Please say it’s on the cards Eufy :slight_smile:

Hi @AussieMediaGuy

Pre-Recording to capture the WHOLE event from the very first milliseconds/frames and not 0,5-2 sec later, has been requested since the eufy cam exists and the first got it in his hand.

In general not a bad idea and senseful for sure, but i guess not with a battery powered security cam.
This would drain the battery even more faster than anyway. Even a solar panel (which i use for my 200-300 records/day cams) wouldn’t help much as with pre-recording the cam would need to run permanently. Even with a memory buffer right inside the cam, to keep the pre-record in the cam and only send it to the homebase when the event really is recorded, would need too much power i guess.

Or do the arlos have pre-recording and are also battery powered?!

Arlo are battery powered

I was tempted on Amazon prime days to replace the eufycam with Arlo but then saw the subscription for 4k & face recognition

The battery doesn’t last as long but they record properly, have better integration, more accessories (solar panel, covers etc)

Anker them selves have admitted it’s 3-5s not 0.6s as stated in the Kickstarter campaign

Anker / Eufy have 2 months before I replace the system (original Kickstarter release date anniversary)

Everything has a cut off, I personally think it’s long past a joke how much they have dragged their feet, they have assured us that there’s an update coming with useful features

I personally would prefer half the battery life to have the camera constantly running even if lower Res and store the data in a buffer & in the event of an activation dump it to the home base to have 2s before activation

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True! … 0.6 sec would be ok for everyone i guess, but i also notice a lot of videos per day where half of the action is already done/over before the video starts playing/recording! … If someone is RUNNING or even driving a bike, i only see the back of the person or in worst case a part of the shoe, thats it!

But hey, this is quite similar to the old and also nox yet fixed problem and issue that on about 5-8% of my videos the sound (mic) starts 3-6 seconds, worst cases 7-8 seconds, after the videos got recorded!

Means: If someone would yell or scream or say something bad / illegal in the very first 3-8 seconds, he got a good chance that the audio will not be recorded!

A lot of work to do for the eufy team, but hey … we got WATERMARK-GATE now and even more pixels wasted … applause … this got highest priority ever on the loooong list of issues and thing to do and fix … :clap:

Hello! @AussieMediaGuy Thanks so much for your valuable feedback and suggestion! We’ll try our best to forward your concerns to our engineer team for an expectation of further system improvement by the following firmware upgrade. Thank you!

When I did my last research about Arlo’s this pre-record feature is only available when you plug-in the camera, not when running on battery.

Yes but you can have a small solar panel which will enable that mode

Somebody need to prove that though.

Ours were always on battery, and pre-recorded - they were the Arlo 2’s - which was invaluable when we had an attempted aggravated burglary a few months ago - captured the guy just before he walked up to the front door to try smash it open while my partner was inside.

I must admit the Eufy camera has much better resolution, and bought them for the sheer fact of the longer battery life as some are in places that are too hard to get to (and that.I could purchase them here in Australia direct), and NO subscription…but I can only hope there’s R & D for things like this going on, otherwise Arlo might get another look in again.

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Thanks for confirming, things might have changed since I looked up.