PowerWave+ with watch holder

So I am gong to be doing a preliminary review for the PowerWave+ with watch holder.

Out of the box
So when I first got the box I was happy to see the original anker packaging (cardboard box).

So this is a very fine looking product! A very organized way to charge your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time. It is a sleek design, and seems very sturdy and well made.

So, this seems like a great product, right? Well, while I’m sure this is a great product, I have one huge problem. I don’t charge my Apple Watch with the stock charger, and my charger doesn’t work with this product. So in order to fulfil my testing plan, I will be sending this to love with one of my friends, along with my testing plan. I guess we will have to base some of the review off his word :man_shrugging:.

Hope you enjoy this preliminary review. I will be posting a
few more in the next few weeks :wink:.


So it’s the second day, I charged my phone with it last night. My first experience with this charger is not so great. So basically, I set my phone on the charger before I went to bed, I’m positive it was charging when I set it on there. When I woke up this morning, my phone wasn’t charged. Could this be a sign that this pad has bad connection? Or am I just stupid and don’t see what I did wrong?

Only time will tell.


So I’ve been using it for a while now. I haven’t experienced any issues like I did the first night :grin:.

I was able to try it out with the proper Apple Watch charger, and here’s what I thought.

~It was easy to setup
~it looks nice from the outside, and you can’t tell you have an Apple Watch charger inside of it
~it works well

So far I haven’t seen any issues with it. I didn’t have time for pictures of it, but I may take some later. Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks and please to prevent fragmentation, just update this review so it’s all in one place.

If your not using the stock charger which one are you using?


Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll just add stuff to the end of this.

I have this one.

So you no longer have the original charger? And it just goes to show that it has to be original to work.
Does the spot where the watch charges fold down flat? Or does it always have to be upright?

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Good question. It folds down flat. I originally had a picture of it folded as well, but I’m not sure where it went. I must have accidentally deleted it. I’ll add some more pictures tommorow.

I don’t have the original charger, because I bought it used, and it didn’t come with a charger. I bought one that had good reviews and was Qi certified…

Gotcha, I would just ask to swap chargers with your friend instead of passing this to them to test. That way you know what’s going in with it and what not for your testing plan

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That’s a good idea, I’ll see if I can do that.

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Good prelimary points… What would have been great about this charger is if Anker put chargers on both sides. One for the phone and one for the watch. A single unit fast charging simultaneously! Maybe even a Samsung Gear variant. I love the idea just don’t own an Apple Watch.

@dicejedi , The issue with a charger in both sides wouldn’t work for Apple, their watches require a “Handshake” between the device and charger to work properly. This is similar to the lightning cable that requires a special chip that certifies it’s made for iPhones.

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Nice preview @Anjou1888

Was about to post similar :thumbsup:

Can’t you still get tested and licensed to make and sell Apple Watch chargers?

You can get certified, but that’s an added cost which usually gets passed down to consumers. Hence why most are not cheap

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Yeah, but a lot of companies get certified for lighting cables :man_shrugging:. Anker also had to get Qi certified for this product anyway :man_shrugging:

That’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Honda… Apple certification cost a lot more than Qi certification


Haha, nice conparison. Yeah that makes sense, Apple thinks very highly of there products.

Nice reivew, keep adding your comments and findings as you go, good to know all at one place.

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This is a great review so far. Gonna be on a lookout for the updates. Also is anyone interested in Anker Soundbuds Slim 1 year review? Was planning on writing one because you only find reviews of new products not ones they are used over a long period of time.

Nice review, now if it was in any other color other than white idea on board in a minute.
Thanks Mark

So I’m not sure if you ever used a wireless pad before, but there is a sweet spot that you have to make sure to place your phone into. Otherwise you will have as you experienced an uncharged phone. This is the reason so many prefer a stand because you literally set your phone down and it’s almost always in the charging circle, but with a pad you kind of have to play and move your phone around to find the sweet spot where the charging coil is.

…sounds not so comfortable. Or is this a new kind of game: “Who finds the best (charging) place for the phone”

So I will use the good old cable. I am old fashioned, in this case at least.

For “small” devices like the watch it is surely useful.