Powerwave wireless charging stand delivers

Powerwave wireless charging stand delivers like they said it would. 7.5w on an iPhone X using their included 12v Charger


That was never in doubt, its input, what is more interesting is the output into the device.

what do you mean?

Wireless radiates in all directions and relies on induction.

The input to the phone is a lot less than what you metered as the output from the charger.

Using a meter on the input to wireless is of limited value, it is input to the phone which is useful, but harder to measure.

the wattage and amperage shown changes as the phone sets on the charger.
So if i move it slightly off center on the charger, the wattage would go down, also as the phone neared charging capacity (seemed to be about 80%) it would use less wattage. I assume it fast charges to a certain percent and then slows down.
I also could turn on the flashlight on phone as it sat in charger and the amps/watts would go up. The only constant is the volts