Powerwave stand ranked #1

Pc world has ranked the powerwave stand #1 among several other brands. They conducted a number of test to find the one which offered the fastest charge and Anker came out on top.
If you haven’t tried wireless, I highly recommend it. I myself didn’t like wireless originally, but I have since gone all in on wireless charging…even better it saves wear and tear on the charging port which can side in the devices resale value.


Why? :thinking:

I edited my post, I originally wasn’t a fan of wireless charging as it took forever to charge and I ho estly thought it was a gimmick. But once I used a wireless charger, I began to see the benefits and even more so now with the fast wireless chargers it’s almost a no brainer to get it. Charging times are now similar to what you get when you plug your phone in directly so why wouldnt you want to cut the cords and go all in on wireless


I love my Powerwave in White, it looks great and charges fast. I also appreciate that it doesn’t take up as much room as my Samsung Convertible Charger.

Does it discolor over time? I’ve had that happen with products that have lots of white plastic and slightly rubbery materials.

So far my stand and pad had not shown any signs of discoloration. I even used the stand when I had greasy hands and it just wiped right off

These days, there is only 1 real disadvantage to wireless… You can’t sit in your sofa, doing Anker, FB etc, like you can with a cable.

Yes the charge is improving, so long as only a thin case (not matalic) and definitely no tough cases.

However, I do like, that when I go to bed late at night n the fiancée is already asleep, I can quietly place phone on the stand… Phone charges overnight and while it’s at it, I have a bedside clock!

I actually have a wireless powerbank that just came out frim another company, its nice because you dont need to remember a cable but the trade off is it cant fast charge my Note 9. And as for discoloration I havent had any on my white charger.

Yea I too recently got a wireless powerbank from another company to test out, and same it can’t fast charge my s9+. But it can if I use the USB c cable, but that defeats the purpose

Well deserved congratulations Anker


I’ve been using wireless charging with my last two Samsung phones in Otterbox Commuter cases. That’s definitely not the most rugged case Otterbox makes, but it’s served me well. It’s a silicone layer and then a plastic shell that snaps over it to cover the back and sides of the phone. Otterbox has thinned out a portion of the silicone layer so you can use wireless charging with the case on. So far, I’ve only used the coaster-type wireless chargers, so not sure how hard it would to be line up with the sweet spot on a vertical charger.

Actually you would be surprised, ankers charging pad and stand xan charge through cases up to 5mm thick. Which covers basically almost all thick cases, with the exception of Balistix cases as those are like 8 to 10mm thick

I said tough cases, as a huge load of them are metal, or quite thick.

I just have the 5w wireless stand (Anker) and a pc case… The scratches proves it works! lol dropped twice, and bounced twice :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage: but phone perfect