Powerwave II Pad testing

I received the Powepad II on Sunday and was so excited to finally try it out. So on Monday I first tried but notice that if you have a magnet on your phone or your phone case has anything magnetic the blue light blinks indicating that it is not charging. I like that feature since people might think once they put their phones on it that it is charging. So I took out my credit card since I had one in my case and put it on the charger and it worked and it charges fast too. I loved that. Now when I’m not charging my phone my kids are fighting to use it since it charges fast. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a charger that charges fast.

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Thanks for your review!
You’ve brought up a good point! Normally our wireless charger can work with a phone case that is less than 5mm and there are no magnetic/ metal attachments, pop socket, keys or credit cards (as they will cause interference).
Thanks for bringing it up. Your review will definitely help people who may have the same issue as you in the future!

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Can’t wait for the Power Wave II to hit the UK

Which is important. These wireless chargers are beneficial, specifically when they can fast charge phones WITH the case on. Some don’t and that’s a big con. No way do I want to remove the case when wanting a drop in charge.