PowerWave II Pad Review - We Love Testing

Hi friends! I just published my review of the Anker PowerWave II Pad. I’d love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions that you may have about the product!


Hey @gobranj1 love the review.
One question, what is the charging input socket on the pad, USBC, Micro or something else?
All the best.

@paulstevenewing Input socket is the DC Input cable , does not use USB-C or MicroUSB

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Nice review,

Wish only if these could use the USB-C input or even a MicroUSB - this is but may have been included to overcome charging inefficiency.

This is the only reason I will be staying away from the whole breed of DC Input socket devices.

It’s a DC input port. Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll add some detail on that to my review!

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I agree with you. I personally would have preferred a USB-C cable with a compact PD wall adapter in the box for better portability. However, I think the DC input can be a lot better for those who may not understand how to pair a wireless charging pad with the correct wall adapter. It works as it should right out of the box.

If I am travelling (while not in situations like the quarantine mode like these days :innocent: ) I take only 1 charger, may be PowerPort Atom III PD (2 ports - 60W) or Anker PowerPort Atom PD 4 (100 W) and use the wireless charging out of one of the ports on these …

But with DC Input, adds bulk to travel, additional power socket, high chances of losing / forgetting to take it while checking out of hotel :grin:

However there is a market for any product out there… PowerWave Pad II is no exception, so some people may prefer this over my choices :+1:

@gobranj1 @Shenoy
Yeah that is a shame.
Having the ability to use and existing charger would make it much more flexible to grab and go.

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100% agree with that, I thin it’s a surprising move.
And also one that pushes the price up when there are a lot of people out there with an adequate charger to power it.

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It’s not ideal, but I would go so far as to assume that the PowerWave II Pad was designed for more stationary setups and likely wasn’t meant to be portable. I have the original PowerWave pad as well and I’ll probably use that one as a more portable option while keeping the PowerWave II at home.

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Great review :ok_hand:

Nice detailed review.

You could install a 1 foot extension cord (USA) if you’d like to get that power brick off the socket or power strip. I got one these that comes 3 in a pack and the plug can rotate to your needs. I use them in tight fits. Very effective: https://www.amazon.com/Nekteck-Listed-Extension-Degree-Rotating/dp/B071KSM5DQ/

Good PowerWave review :+1: