PowerWave II adapter noise

The power adapter that came with my brand new PowerWave II wireless charger makes a pulsing buzzing sound. It’s not very loud, however, it is audible (and rather annoying) when the office is quiet. I’ve never owned a wireless charger before and I’m wondering if this sound is normal. I do own a few other Anker power bricks and none make anywhere near as much noise.

Is the adapter faulty? Should I return for refund/replacement?

Here is an audio recording:


Yeah sounds faulty to me. I’d contact support to get a different wireless charger

Hey John! I came here searching because I’ve noticed the EXACT same problem with my PowerWave II Pad. I hadn’t really noticed it before, but now that I hear it I can’t UNhear it. (BTW…it’s not really a buzzing sound, it’s more like a high-pitch chirping/beeping sound. Exactly as you recorded it.)

Did you ever solve the problem with a replacement?