PowerWave fan - does it ever switch off?

Just got a PowerWave 7.5W stand to use the iPhoneX w/o having to pick it up every time to unlock it. While I personally think the fan is a little too loud for use in my (very quiet) office, what I find even more distracting is that the fan seems to never switch off, even if the phone is fully charged. Both the phone and the stand are cool, not even warm and still the fans runs continuously. Is this the normal mode of operation or is something wrong with my charger or phone?


Hi @Tom_Goschutz

Thanks for your question.
As long as you charging your device, the fan will run continuously.
So please don’t worry, it’s the normal mode of operation.:innocent:

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So as long as IT IS PLACED ON THE STAND, the fan will run, right?

Yes, that’s true.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have the fan turn on when the charger starts heating up? I can understand having the fan on to keep the temperature low, but if both devices (phone and charger) are cool, why use the extra electricity?


When a phone charger needs fan for cooling, there is something not right
Not taking anything away from designers/engineers but look at earlier technology from Palm, Powermat which can do wireless charging without need for cooling fan.
for pete’s sake Apple can make a laptop without fan (macbook)
I’m not a fan of fan in a phone charger :angry:

Well, they do make all of the other models without a fan… This model has a fan in it just as an extra feature. Not that it really needs it, it’s just nice to have (think 32 GB RAM in a laptop).

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