PowerWave 7.5 Pad Review

I have received my PowerWave 7.5 Pad. I was very impressed with the packaging by Anker as always. The product is very nice and the include power line is nice as well. I am having some issues though that I don’t understand. When I plugged it in two my 4 port plus usb c hub from anker it is blinking and won’t charge my phone.

Can I not use it with the hub that I have connected on my night stand? This is a great product but will be disappointed if I can’t use it with the anker usb c hub.


I’m guessing it can’t supply the sustained voltage that the charge pad required, hence why the lights keep blnking. Maybe the usb c output will work? I dunno

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This looks weird it says Quick Charge which implies it is for Quick Charge wireless charging phones hence you have to use it with a QC charger, probably why they bundled it with the charger.

If you want a USB hub type solution you could get one of the multiports with a QC port such as this one


if your pad is your only charging needs or


If you want to be able to cable recharge your phone for fast recharging or the pad for trickle charging.

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My hub is quick charged

That’s not quick charge, it’s power iq which is different from qc
If it was qc it would have the ring with lightning bolt and a 1/2/3 to signify which qc it is


As @elmo41683 just said no it isn’t.

Power Delivery is not Qualcomm Quick Charge, totally different than QC3.

Quick Charge 4 is a varient of Power Delivery so they do kind of merge.

Anker IQ2 is compatible with QC3 but Anker hasn’t made IQ2 chargers yet so use the supplied charger of the ones I mentioned.

So to have the fastest possible charge and a hub then either of the two charger I linked to, and the pad you have and QC wireless charging phone.

I really love wireless charging, I loved it on the NExus 4 and 5 I had but now have OnePlus with DASH which recharges extremely fast so instead carry its charger if I get near power. The NExus 4 and 5 were slower to recharge so I was benefiting from using the time when phone on surface to trickle recharge so no cable plug/unplug frequent.

I hope my next phone has Wireless but I will not pay $$$ for it.


Ok thanks for the info. I just ordered a 6ft powerline that will solve my issues

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Do you have the PowerPort wireless 5 pad?

If so, how does the build quality compare to the PowerWave?

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No I do not but the quality on the PowerWave is good. You put it up to your ear and barely hear the fan running.

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Am I the only one that finds this frustrating? Anker has already developed IQ 2.0. Why can’t it go into a wall charger without months upon months of additional development? Are they just too focused on other areas?

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I know it’s slow. But it’s fine for me as I don’t and won’t own.any QC products as it’s only for phones. My goal is one charger for them all.

And my goal is for USB-C everything including buds then my cables shrink. Imagine a dual socket say 60W and it does your laptop, tablet, phone, buds, Powercore.