PowerWave 7.5 Car Charger Arrival!

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting for an Anker wireless car charger! I got my hopes up this past January when the smaller PowerWave chargers were unveiled. This model is different, but so far appears to be working after the one time I’ve driven with it. A full review will be forthcoming.

This is now the last place I have been using cables plugged into the bottom of my device. I am 100% wireless now! Incidentally, I’m using an iPhone XS Max.

What are you most excited about when it comes to wireless charging? What are your biggest concerns?


Looks good. I saw a phone holder with a infrared sensor that automatically grabbed your phone that looked pretty cool and handy but was made by another company and did not wirelessly charge.


I saw one similar and yea it didnt wirelessly charge, I’m buying two of these soon, hopefully next paycheck so one for mine and my wife’s car. Hate dealing with wires now

Wow, that looks awesome! I wish I had wireless charging!

I feel like Anker got a lot of people’s hopes up at CES for a variety of products that still have yet to be released.


To be fair they have released a lot of products this year. But I agree they should be more aggressive releasing products when they announced so many.

I dont fault them for not putting out certain products, because as we can see they refined and made them better and according to what people rather have than what they wanted us to have. The market is already saturated with similar products, so by waiting and refining these products we get better than industry standard, smaller form factor, and more powerful products


Like the smaller Powerhouse.

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Yep PowerHouse Mini, PowerWave Duo among other wireless chargers, a unique USB-C PD hub, and Journey U… plus more things from IFA last year, including PowerCore+ II.

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I’m still waiting on the Journey U!

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Worth the wait, they’ll be available very soon. @joshuad11 is the best person to ask for the release time frame.

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Hopefully by the holiday season

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This might have to go on my Xmas list

I sure hope so, but not seeing any signs of them yet! :cry:

I have a real good feeling they will be available in the next month or so just in time for Xmas.


Hopefully, I know its been delayed three or 4 times. It was initially supposed to start shipping at the end of July.

What’s the holdup?

Now, that I do not know.

Really?! I knew Anker said summer at CES, but wasn’t for sure what the exact timeframe they had planned was.

Yep. I hope it comes before Black Friday. I’ve got Christmas presents to buy!

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