PowerWave 10 Stand with 2 USB-A Ports A2573


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Lol I was about to post this.

To me it looks like another product that nobody wants. Anker could put there time into developing the Wakey- a product we all want -but I read they’re spending all this time developing useless (semi duplicate) products. It’s a shame

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Nice info! PowerWave stand with 2 USB- A port… Will the stand act like some kind of hub, for other devices to connect and charge?

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I didn’t even try to post, as by the time I had a decent signal, I knew someone would have already done so.

Is this not the stand Anker told us about recently, but now knowing the difference between this n the older versions.

I’d consider this product if the output through the USB-A ports is good :thumbsup:

Here’s a slightly better look.


Very clever that would a very useful thing to have on mine anker should make one :point_up:

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Thanks for sharing, nice if works like a hub as well…

I hope it comes with a wall charger and cable :thumbsup:

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