Has the policy changed for power users? I haven’t seen any available products for testing or review in a while.

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Not that I’m aware of, I have 6 items available to me sadly 4 of them are for iPhone 7/7 Plus ( I have a 5S) and the other two are products I already own. However, these samples are still available and haven’t changed in weeks now but prior to this, i have been getting regular product cycles on mine.

I just found a product to review last Friday. It has not shown up in the mail just yet though. The program is still going from as far as I can tell.


Where are you from? I’m from UK and have had iPhone cases and screen protectors available for over a week until today when Anker’s new power bank became available and I have managed to claim it. Can’t wait to test it out as it should be quicker than the one I have now.

I am in the same boat. I live in Canada and my power user feed is blank. Last one available that I missed sadly was the dual port car charger

Amazon have recently changed their policy which effectively prohibits companies from offering free or discounted samples in exchange for an unbiased review.

This morning I see the UK PowerUser feed is completely empty, so I’m not sure but this might just be the end of the PowerUser programme or at least the end of the free samples…

It doesn’t effect power users in UK.


I’ve seen it empty in the past, normally its just a re-jig of the samples, samples which haven’t been fully claimed are pulled and returned to stock, new items then added.

While Amazon have ‘banned’ so called incentive reviews, you can still review just the item itself just as if you had purchase from elsewhere but wanted to advise users on the product (like product only reviews can’t be bigged up or slated just on a persons single experience, I mean come on Amazon)

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I’ve seen it empty for a week or so in the past. Possibly just doing a bit if a refresh.

It’s been empty on the UK site for a couple of days :frowning:

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for two weeks, I find empty section of the power users

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i wonder why all the products for the powewr user in uk has all gone i have never seen it before has anyone else got the same i miss doing the power user

Hi I’ve noticed this too it’s been like this since yesterday I hope it will go back to normal soon

It has been empty for me for pretty much all of November. I have yet to see anything on their sister site as well, (Eufy).

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Where are the Poweruser samples? The page has been empty for a few weeks now. I am starting to get Anker withdraws… :cry:

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Its been empty ever since Amazon started restricting reviews based off free/subsidised samples.


I was wondering the same thing! Where is everything at? Did I just join for nothing?

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I haven’t seen anything available since Amazon’s news about reviews. :frowning: Hopefully, we’ll see some soon.

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I reached out to Anker marketing and asked why we have not seen anything listed on the Poweruser page for products to review. They came back with the following information.

“We are still discussing the next step for our Power Users due to amazon new review rule and will stop releasing new samples for some time. I’ll keep you all informed on any updates to the Power User Program”.