PowerUser program is back!

Now the NEW PowerUser program is back !

@AnkerOfficial @Blotch @ndalby @Arwen @joshuad11
@TechnicallyWell @Andrei_Savel @doris4jin and all other poweruser :smiley:

poweruser page
I’m curious what changes are there, because that should not be all up to date:
Joining our Power User Program is joining a VIP club. Benefits include free samples, exclusive highly-discounted products, loyalty rewards, and other great privileges.



No products available now. :frowning:

Crazy, maybe they Update it at the Moment.
On the Last days it show me the same…

:sob: I was turned down because all my reviews are from beta programs and not listed in one place. I would love to be able to sample the roav dashcam and soundbuds flow

Well I did mention via PM to the topic starter that things are being worked on and to wait for @AnkerOfficial to make any statements as to what is happening if anything is happening :rolling_eyes:

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Mine is still the old page. But this has reminded me to try again with Amazon reviews! Maybe this time they will actually get posted…

Remember do not mention anything about receiving anything for free as Amazon will remove the review

Yea, this is an ongoing issue with Amazon for me. About the time they introduced the ban, none of my reviews actually got posted. Regardless of if I bought the product or not.
Hoping it is now fixed! :slight_smile:

Amazon has not deleted my reviews from free samples on amazon.de so far. :sweat_smile:
I guess it’s just a matter of time.

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Funny you mention this… I just started receiving rejection emails from Amazon this week for reviews I did 2 years ago that never got posted :confused:

i ddint mention anything about getting my anker stuff for free all reviews deleated gutted

Hi @ndalby, @TechnicallyWell, @elmo41683, @Arwen, @pauldey, @joshuad11, @andynimmo84, Is PowerUser program back? The answer is YES, YES, YES! An official post and guidelines will come later, so stay tuned!:grin:


Well either Amazon have released me from the “review” stage or simply posting a review without any pictures means they don’t look at it!

I can post reviews again, whoopee!!! :smiley_cat::smiley_cat:

wow! great ! :heart_eyes:

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