Powerport Wireless Qi and iPhone 8

I got a PowerPort Wireless Qi (the 5W round charger) yesterday to charge an iPhone 8. I noticed that when the phone gets 100% charged that the charger’s red LED doesn’t come on to indicate that the phone is full. I’ve left the phone on it for a bit after it hit 100% and only the blue LED stayed solid and the red one never lit.

Is this a problem if it keeps trying to charge my phone all night after the phone is full? I’m concerned it could hurt my phone if the PowerPort is trying to pump energy into the phone all the time.


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Your phone may say it’s at 100% but I bet that it’s not quite there yet and is being trickle charged, not to mention since your phone is on it’s using some of that charge hence why it never shows it being full charged

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What he said lol

Hi @paganhobbit,

Kindly be advised that the new iPhone, unlike Samsung or other Qi-enabled devices, will not send back a data pack back to the wireless charger when it is fully charged, therefore the wireless charger’s LED will not change color after it fully charges the new iPhone. And we have tested other brand wireless chargers, including the Mophie’s wireless charger, the LED will not change color as it supposed to when fully charged the new iPhone. But please be assured that wireless charger will do no harm to the iPhone.

Sorry for this and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.