Powerport Wireless 5 Vs. PowerWave Wireless Charger

Here’s my review on the powerport Wireless vs the PowerWave.

As you can tell by the photos the powerport Wireless 5 has a way smaller footprint than the PowerWave. The PowerWave has a bigger and brighter light to tell if you are charging which is nice. They both are micro usb. The powerport Wireless 5 build feels nice in the hand and the PowerWave feels like it could use a little more weight to feel better. Of course the PowerWave charges faster. They both get the job done but one faster than the other. In my opinion if your looking for a wireless charger you can’t go wrong with either. If you want a faster charge go with the PowerWave and if you want a smaller pad go with the PowerPort Wireless 5.


I like both of them and there design only problem i
Would find is that I’m keeping mine in the garage and it’s super dusty in there and it might get dirt but other then that i real nice products oh by the way you took nice pictures of both the powerport and powerwave

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I just got the power port wireless 5 today and it looks really nice i just like how it looks

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Thanks for the review. Did you do any tests to see exactly how long each one takes to charge your phone?

I have the PowerPort wireless 10 and am getting my PowerWave in the next day or so. The PowerPort 10 that i have is not round like your 5, but appears to have the same thickness. I’ll post a picture for comparison when I get a chance. So those who are looking for the 10w that you can get with the PowerWave don’t necessarily need to get that one as Anker sells a cheaper 10w wireless charger. The difference however, is that the PowerPort wireless 10 does not charge iPhones at the 7.5w current that this does. So, factor that in for your purchase decision.

If the PowerPort wireless 10 has the 10w functionality, why do you say that it does not charge iPhones at 7.5w current like the new Powerwave does?

The powerwave scales the power output based on what the phone demands. The powerport does not have this capability so it outputs 10w of power all the time.

I understand, but if the powerport is constantly putting out 10w which is the best, wouldnt that be just as good, atleast for my iphone? Im not really sure.