PowerPort Wireless 10

I just purchased a PowerPort Wireless 10 from walmart, but the photos of it do not match what exists on Anker’s website. It is completely circular like the Walmart link below and not like the anker link.



Any expert know a comprehensive account of what the differences are?


There are a few different models that have been released, both of those are older models as the newer ones are the powerwave wireless chargers. All of them get the job done, just some charge slightly faster than the others


Does it have USB-C?

It does have USB C which is why I am curious if this is “Older”

Interesting find, @Games2263! This does appear to be a new model as the description mentions iPhone X and it has USB-C. Anker sometimes has slightly different product offerings in-store than online (for example, the SoundCore Select speaker was only available at WalMart, if I recall correctly).

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I found an offer of this Soundcore select by Mediamarkt in Germany.


I guess this was pre-power wave, but newer than the rest of them. Hell its 10W and fast charge compatible so that pretty cool (also a fan of the darker color).