Powerport+ wall charger blinking led, no charge

Hi! My Powerport+ wall charger started blinked its led (and it looks dimmed) just after I changed the socket it was plugged in, and now it doesn’t provide power supply.
Can anyone please tell what’s the problem?

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Hi @T_Boykoff , have you tried another cable to rule out the cable being at fault? You can always reach out to support@anker.com with your issue for assistance (or replacement if faulty) under your 18 month warranty. Just remember to include your purchase date, serial and any troubleshooting steps taken to speed up the process…

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Hi @ndalby, swapping the cables and sockets didn’t help, but finally the charger returned to its expected behavior by itself.
I was wondering if the blinking led was some kind of error code. Anyway, thanks for your reply!

Sounds like a safety precaution because the wire you were using short circuited or the charger over heated for some reason. Give the charger room to breathe and I’m curious what type of cable you were using I’m guessing lightning they are much easier to short circuit because they were designed inside out or backwards and can short simply by placing the connector on a metal surface.