PowerPort+ vs PowerPort Speed

Can anyone tell me the performance difference between the PowerPort+6 and the PowerPort Speed 5

I realise the “+” has an extra port, and the “speed” has 2 x QC 3.0 ports, but will you see any difference in output between the ports on the “+” vs the ports on the “Speed”

I love my Anker products, but the range is quite confusing. It’s hard to compare devices and get the best one to suit your needs.

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Powerport+ 6 has 1 port which is QC3 and the other 5 ports have a 2.A max 5V. They combined must share 60W.


Powerport Speed 5 has 2 ports which are QC3 and the other 3 ports 2.4A max 5V, combined must share 63W.

If you focus on for example weight or size you see the 6 is quite a bit heavier and bigger, despite a lower wattage.

So its a decision of how many ports you want and if you want 1 or 2 QC3 ports, vs size/weight (not matters when at home but more so if backpacking/flying).

If you’re wondering why such a difference in size given very similar total Wattage, these are different vintages.

As PowerIQ 2 works its way through the product line, expect it to physically shrink the 5 and 6 ports, oh and QC4 is around the corner, so depending on who shouts loudest you’d expect a refresh of one of these earlier than the other.

Given the current “dumping” of the Powerport 5 in a no-code price reduction, I’m expecting that to be a stock shifting move and newer Powerport in the next 2-3 months, exactly what exactly when I have no clue.


Thanks Nigel,

it would seem that the only benefit of the “+” model is a 6th port, which isn’t often required. The “Speed” is smaller, lighter, has more QC ports and greater overall Wattage.

I’m not sure the PowerPort+ range should be labelled as the “Premium Range” as it currently is. Interesting.

I couldn’t see any reference on the product pages to PowerIQ 2. Do you have any links to info about this?

PowerIQ 2.0 is only mentioned here

and then here

Specs are light but the Powercore II 10000 has its physical specs here

Thank you!