PowerPort Strip 3 Unboxing & Review

As I start my review of Anker PowerPort Strip 3, I must admit that I usually don’t care about power strips. They are just not interesting to me. If I had the money to buy one, I’d rather spend it on a new tech gadget.

Not that that’s out of the way, I was kind of “forced” to get a power strip. I just had too many devices, most of them being USB-powered, and keeping them charged was just a nightmare.

While searching online, this power strip by Anker caught my eye. I decided to give it a try since I’d never owned one with built-in USB ports.

Man, I am GLAD I made the decision! This USB power strip satisfies my need perfectly. It powers my LG 4K TV, Logitech speakers, Google Wi-Fi, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Echo Input with no issue. What’s great about it is that you can connect USB-powered devices into it directly without wall chargers. Many USB-powered devices do not come with a wall charger so this is awesome. It even has extra space between each AC outlet so no more struggling with large plugs.

If you are looking for a power strip that can power both USB and non-USB devices, I highly recommend this one by Anker! It’s not even that expensive compared to regular power strips either. Plus, Anker’s customer service is one of the finest in the industry.


thanks for sharing

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Nice review ,thanks for sharing.

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Love your video. I love the comparisons. It looks like Anker has improved on the one I got a couple of years ago. The ports are now wider apart for brick chargers. Btw, I love your tv set up. :slight_smile:

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Three pins, but apparently they can’t do one for outside USA?

Oh, good review

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Nice review

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Good video review

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Thank you!

Thanks! Yea, I really love that the ports are wider apart!
Makes it definitely easy to use.

Not sure if Anker has any plans to make stuff for people outside the US but thanks for watching my review!