PowerPort Speed PD60 Flash Review

The PowerPort Speed PD 60 utilizes PowerPort Speed 1, an advanced charging technology to charge devices quickly. It can provide up to 60W of power, enough for Macbooks and other USB TYpe-C powered computers. In my test, I used Samsung Note 8 at 48% and charged it to 100% and at 49% to 100% using the Samsung charger that was included with the Note 8. The PowerPort Speed PD60 is just as fast as the Samsung Note 8 OEM charger. The Note 8 averaged at 29.15 degrees vs Samsung’s 30.08 degrees.

PD 60 Pros:

  • Can charge USB Type-C computers/devices
  • Foldable prongs
  • Charges cooler than the Samsugn

Samsung Pros:

  • Compact

The only downside to the PD 60 is in its packaging. The PD 60 does not include a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. It would have been nice to include one, or at least a USB A Female to USB Type-C male.


I will update this review once I get a laptop that uses USB Type-C charging.

Since you are comparing it to the Samsung, could you please post of pic of the Samsung? I don’t know what it looks like. Thanks :slight_smile:

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USB A Female to USB Type-C Male cable.


Interesting that the USB A to USB C gave similar time as USB c to c.

I believe in this case, the device being charged is the bottleneck and the slight difference could be due to cable resistance.

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nice review :ok_hand:


Thank you.

Is a European version of this great charger planned in the near future?

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@AnkerOfficial would need to respond to this.

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The description sounds really good.
@AnkerOfficial I would like to buy a German version of this.