PowerPort Speed PD with 5 Ports (Model A2056111) Review

Hi everyone,

First off, I’m a bit confused by the way this unit is named. On the box, it says, “PowerPort 1 PD with 1PD and 4PIQ,” whereas the Power User description says, “PowerPort Speed 5 Ports.” Oh well. LOL…

Regardless of what it is called, I’ve put the model number in the title.

I’ll try to make this review short and sweet.


  • 1 USB-C with Power Delivery which outputs 30W of power
  • 4 PowerIQ which outputs 2.4A per port
  • Provides Surge Protection as well as Temperature Control
  • Measures : 4.1 x 3.1 x 1.1"
  • Weight : 7.5oz
  • Matte Finish

Comes with…

  • PowerPort Wall Charger …all ports are blue
  • Power Plug
  • Charger Installation Adhesive Strip …which seems a bit too permanent
  • Extra cable velcro wrap … one already wrapped around power plug
  • Anker Welcome Guide
  • Happy? Not Happy card


  • 1 unit for 5 device charging simultaneously… priceless. No more lugging around power bricks from your devices. All you need is your USB cables.

  • Using only 1 outlet plug to charge 5 devices. This is especially great when you don’t have that many plugs. Also great for traveling. You know those hotels have very limited if not awkward outlet locations. Who wants to charge their phone in the bathroom or behind the bed? LOL…

  • Power Delivery (PD) enables faster charging for items like MacBooks

  • Blue LED light indicates unit is powered and ready … fresh look to traditional

  • Small enough where it doesn’t take much room … I can see me taking this on my trips


  • Blue Ports doesn’t mean it’s USB 3.0 … it’s just for looks

  • Bottom of unit is somewhat curved so if you’re trying to set it on a table, it can tip over. I guess that’s why the adhesive is included.

  • Adhesive Strip seems a bit too permanent. I’d rather set it down on a table so if I have to travel with it, I don’t have to go pulling off the adhesive.

Although I don’t have any devices that utilizes the Power Delivery technology YET, with 30W of power output, it packs a punch. This is great for people who have USB-C type devices that can benefit from the faster charging capabilities. With more and more devices getting into the faster charging technology, it will become a standard in the near future. And this is the perfect unit to prepare for it. Even if one is not able to use the Power Delivery technology yet, the other 4 PowerIQ ports provide fast charging. I found that I am able to charge my GoPro Hero5 faster using this unit then thru my iMac. And my Apple devices (Apple Watch, iPad Mini2, and iPhone 6s) charges faster then when I’m using the little power brick that came with those devices. Being able to charge all these devices at once has saved me a lot of time. And of course with Anker’s PowerIQ technology, I have the peace of mind knowing that it’s smart enough to know how much output my individual devices need to charge at it’s optimal pace.

What improvement would I like to see?

  • It would be nice to have a ON/OFF switch. I like to keep this unit plugged in at all times. But when I’m using it, I would like to be able to switch off the power without having to pull the plug.

  • Flatter bottom so unit doesn’t have to be attached via adhesive strip nor leaned against something to stay upright. Sure, I could lay it down on it’s side but I like the look of it standing up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would I recommend this unit? YES! Especially if you have devices that can utilize the Power Delivery technology. And even if you don’t, the other 4 ports allows you to charge your other devices with the peace of mind of safely topping it off at the rate it needs. Power surge protection is always a plus too. At $55.99, I think it’s worth the price. You can pick one up either thru the Anker Store or Amazon.

Sorry, the rotation seems wonky. Again, the curve of the bottom of the unit makes it hard to stand it up straight.


Cool beans, awesome job. I agree about not being able to stand it up and for that reason I am in the process of making a stand for mine with our 3d printer, still a work in progress as I hammer out how it’s done. I will let you know once I get it all set and take pics of it.


Great review! And awesome that you left some things Anker can improve on in the future. They really love that!


Nice! Definitely keep me posted. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for your feedback about the product. Sorry for making you confused by the different name. I think the ideal of adding a on/off button is a good ideal, but may I ask you a question why you pull the plug out after charging? (safety ? saving power ?) The curve of the bottom makes this product can not stand, and we noticed that issue, but sorry we can not make it to be flatter because of the mold manufacture feasibility. However, that is a good advice and we will consider it into designing. Really hope you could give me more feedback about the products.Thanks.

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I am under the assumption that when a cable is not being used, it should be turned off or unplugged so that it doesn’t draw any energy. For me personally, I like to have my cables (lightning, microUSB, etc) plugged into the PowerPort and ready to go. That way, the cables are already there and I can just plug it into my devices without having to look for the cables. I don’t know if leaving the cables plugged into the PowerPort alone, would matter. That’s why I suggested an ON/OFF switch.

Not too big of an issue for me because I just lean it against something. Perhaps I’ll just place some velcro pieces to the PowerPort and the table I have it on. This way, it will stay up and can be easily detached when I need to take it with me somewhere.

Thank you for taking time to read my review and listen to my suggestions. It is awesome that Anker does this because in the long run, it helps both the consumer and the company. Therefore, WIN WIN :slight_smile:

Great review. Love the gif :thumbsup: there will be gifs everywhere now lol

Maybe they could add a separate base to the device. So if you want to stand it on a desk it can sit in a shallow tray like plastic base. Should only add pennies to the cost. And could have Anker along it :grin:

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Nice review! Thanks for sharing!

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Great review! Especially nice is the product rotation gif! Thanks! :thumbsup:

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Great review, nice job!!! :heart_eyes:

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Excellent review and feedback for Anker to make future improvements on @Nhi :thumbsup:

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Some high strength Velcro would be ideal instead of the included double sided tape. @elmo41683 please share the 3d print file when you’re done with it so other with 3d printers can make their own stands.


Exactly what I was thinking. Kind of like those Taco shell holders :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, I think using 2 velcro pieces on the bottom works too.

I would really like to know what the difference is between this one, and the previous model.


Is it just looks? Was something fixed under the hood from the previous model?

I am genuinely curious. I own the old one and the PD is advertised for 30 watts, but for some reason it can negotiate to 45 watts on the 15v rail(this concerns me mostly because I worry about potential brown outs). I have had the opportunity to test this one(the 2017 model), and it negotiates 30 watts on all PD rails perfectly.

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Nice review! Thanks for sharing!

And the gif looks awesome, wonky rotation and all. It’s a nice way to add a 360º view of the product! If I may give just one small opinion, the rotation could be slightly slower.

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Nice review. I already have a power hub but once mine dies I am serious looking for one of these hubs to replace it.

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As far as I know, the description seems to be the same. Looks like it’s more cosmetics that’s changed… blue LED light to signify that unit is powered, Matte finish vs Brushed Aluminum, and the 4 PowerIQ ports are now blue. Oh, and the other one looks like it has a flatter bottom. Perhaps someone else can chime in @AnkerTechnical @AnkerTechnical on what the difference is.

Thanks for the suggestion, I realized that after I uploaded. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did anyone find out what the difference was between the old and new model? apart from what @Nhi has helpfully stated above? Thanks :thumbsup:

Think @nhi nailed it.

I have both and they preform the same. It’s really just a matter of preference. I prefer the look of the one with blue USB ports and a status LED but wish it was made out of metal had the flatter bottom that I could stand up on my desk without worrying about knocking it over.