PowerPort Speed PD 5

Not really sure how this is different than the PowerPort+ 5, but the new PowerPort Speed PD 5 offers one USB-C port capable of power delivery up to 30W, along with 4 USB-A ports. I assume these have the same power as those on the PowerPort+ 5 as they are both rated at 60W overall, although nowhere in the Amazon listing that I can find does it say the specifications of the ports themselves.

To me this seems like an Elite upgrade (no change in specs, just slightly different design)
Examples: PowerPort Elite 2 vs PowerPort 2
PowerDrive Elite 2 vs PowerDrive 2

What are your thoughts on this desktop charger? In my case, I wish it had more than just one USB-C ports.


I don’t quite understand the PD bit of these new PowerCore or PowerPorts. I thought it meant Power Delivery but when you think about it. All ports deliver power to something.

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It could be a cosmetic changes and different naming to point out the “PD” and “speed” features. And there is a new LED

I really hope Anker could put one port PowerIQ2 in one of the 4 USB, then it will be perfect. QC2/3 devices will enjoy the ride along USB PD.

I like that blue interior lighting on the device looks pretty sweet. Kinda cool that they integrated a usb-c output but it would seem really weird to have a usb-c to lighting cable.

Maybe it’s just me but I think USB-C is still new. The only thing that I have that is anything USB-C is the plug for my GoPro Hero5 Black. But then again, it’s a USB-C to USB 3.0? What devices do you have that uses the USB C port? I do like the look of it though. Love love the blue LED and blue port openings. I’ll keep an eye out for a sale.

IS this new?

The specs read as identical to this

Cosmetic change?



So i think I’m seeing something new and smaller?

I still want better products to exist but I’m thinking my next laptop would be a USB-PD input and if I were to get a USB-PD Powercore then I’d want a 2 port USB-PD 60W and say 2 or 3 other Type A 5V 2A ports. 60W is enough I feel but a 5 port with 2 USB-PD can then recharge a USB-PD laptop and the USB-PD Powercore you’d have to recharge the laptop on the move and your torch, buds.


Almost double the weight though but that’s fine as it’s just going to be in a house/office.

You wouldn’t think that a redesign switching to plastic casing and separating out the charge LED could almost double the weight :confounded: unless they’ve changed the internal structure with the plastic design switch.

Do agree with @nigelhealy that a redesign reducing a type A port and adding another USB-C PD port would separate is further from it’s predecessor and signal a bit more of a commitment to USB-C

Only 30w on the PD? I was hoping for 45w.

I don’t think it’s that big a ratio on weight I think the usual Anker Amazon error, I expect a difference nearer to volume, given the cable is likely identical probably just a small 10% saving.

Those ports in the newer one look to be usb 3.0 ports where as the old one may be just usb 2.0 ports. Only reason I noticed is because of the blue…

Well the confusion continues. Let’s hope these are not the right specs…

If so it’s the same size and weight as old model.

I own the older model, I am guessing there isn’t any reason to upgrade? I am actually wondering if this is an upgrade at all.

I bought this to consolidate charging of multiple devices - USB headphones, iPhone X, Galaxy S8, iPad Pro 10.5". I especially wanted to fast charge my iPad Pro 10.5" through the USB C port as standard 12W charging is quite slow.

The 2.4A ports all work great and charge my iPhone, S8 at the rated speeds.
The USB PD port charges my S8 and iPhone X rapidly but fails to charge my iPad Pro 10.5 at all - the iPad senses power is connected but the battery remains static after 1hour plugged in. I have used only third party USB C to lightning cables, but these cables do charge my iPhone X so power is being delivered through them.

Hope this helps someone who is considering getting one of these for their iPad Pro.

Ease your using a aftermarket 3rd party USB -C to lightning cable it could be that your ipad sees it’s not a MFI cable and limits or restricts power input as to not cause damage to the battery or the device itself.

It is worth trying but even so the ipad could not take full charge anyway. See this test

From these results, the Anker PowerPort+ 5 USB-C can deliver up to 12 watts to the Apple iPad Pro using USB Power Delivery. This means it will charge slower compared to using the iPad’s own Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter.

They don’t mention the cable used.


I do believe someone said before that it was capable of outputting a max of 45 watts via usbc

I have the same question. What would be the best usbc charger for MacBook Pro touch bar

The best charger is the one it came with. If you want an alternative like a power bank, your choices are pretty limited. 30w PD chargers are enough to charge the MacBook while using it if you are doing light tasks(I know from experience). It will charge pretty slow though. I use an omnicharge for my MacBook. It can charge at 60watts through usb c.