PowerPort Speed+ Duo vs. PowerPort II with Power Delivery?

What to charge the laptop from USB-C., and Galaxy S8+ or camera etc.

The PowerPort II with Power Delivery has Power IQ 2.0. Both are 30W USB-C.


Amazon says this is newer, although only PowerIQ 1.0?:

PowerPort Speed+ Duo:

the PowerPort PD 2 only has 18w USB-C. I like the smaller size tho. might not matter if just trickle charging laptop overnight?

Okay, so both of those are 30w. Those 30w will be split between the two ports for 15w per port. This isn’t high enough to charge most laptops.

I would recommend the atom powerport pd 1. It’s very small, and provides 30w for its single port. It sports Anker’s new Gallium Nitride technology, to replace the standard silicon.

I don’t think anker makes a 2 port 60w charger yet, but I may be wrong.

The PowerPort II with PD has a total wattage of 49.5W (30W from the USB-C port, 18W from the USB-A), and It won’t split the power if both ports are occupied.

The PowerPort Speed+ Duo has less wattage than the PowerPort II. 30W is given to the USB-C port, and 12W is given to the USB-A port, giving it a total wattage of 42W. Power won’t be split if both ports are occupied.

The PowerPort PD 2 can give a total wattage of 30W, which is less wattage than the PowerPort Speed+ Duo. 18W is given to the USB-C port, and 12W is given to the USB-A port. Power won’t be split if both ports are occupied.


I HAD the S8 and with a faster lead, the top one charged a fair bit faster even from the USBA output.

It’s what I have now… Pd USBC and USBA/USBC 3.0 and my S10+ charges a lot quicker than the phone set up (phone lead n charger). Considering the S10+comes with a 4200 battery, it charges faster than my S8 using g the phone set up.

Your best choice would be PowerPort II PD with the products you have. 30W sometimes isn’t enough to charge a laptop, so it would be best to do some research before buying.

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I’d recommend the PowerPort II PD as well. Let’s hope 30w are enough to charge your laptop though

Samsung said any charger with at least 10W.

that PD 1 is sort of cool tho.

Samsung premium phones only charge at MAX 15W

Anything above that for a Samsung is a waste! So to speak. Not sure tho, at what WATTAGE a Samsung calls fast charge?

I was referring to my Laptop. still not sure. the PD 1 looks interesting for a backup.