Powerport Speed 5 for $24.99 at ... Walmart?

I love this charger - it’s my bedside charger for everything. I even have my Anker wireless qi charger plugged in to it. The QC 3.0 ports are blazing fast (My Moto Z2 even gives the “turbocharge” notification when plugged into it), and there are three ports to spare for slower-charging peripherals like earbuds, bluetooth speakers, watches, and lights. As a bonus, it’s small and has a two-prong outlet on the end of a lengthy cord, making it a great travel companion as well.

I was surprised to find it at such a low price at Walmart of all places. It appears it’s from some third-party seller working on Walmart’s platform, but hey, it’s a good deal. This product is $35.99 on Amazon and anker.com. If you don’t have a power port yet this is a great chance to get one.


DAM! That is really good discount. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Just a reminder that only products purchased via Anker’s official distributors are eligible for the 18-month warranty.

You’re correct in regards to this being sold through a 3rd party seller (not WalMart themselves).


Yikes! That’s a good reminder :astonished:

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Great deal but will it be covered by the warranty?

Apparently not :frowning:

No its a third party seller. I think if was sold directly from Walmart (in the store) it might be covered. I bought an older one from the store and the paperwork said it came with a warranty.