PowerPort Speed 2 is buzzing

My powerport speed 2 is buzzing in small, alternating tones. It’s hardly noticeable unless your ear is next to it. Is this normal? I’ve had it for less than a year.

It can be normal in some situations where you have a non-earthed socket. All UK sockets earthed, but some USA sockets (2 pin) and other countries are not.

But best to play safe.

  • Make a recording as-is, video / sound, photos.
  • collect together serial number, proof of purchase
  • email support@anker.com with description of issue, evidence, serial number, proof of purchase
  • wait a few days. Usually in 24 hours but probably slower now entering weekend.

I wouldn’t worry to much of the only way you can hear it is by putting your ear right next to it

Its probably safe but I would still talk with support. All electronic devices will some sort of sound. It all depends how good your hearing is.