Powerport Solar

I recently purchased the powerport solar, along with a few battery packs for my son’s extended trip with the Boy Scouts. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the items charged in direct sunlight. This will definitely be a good investment for my edc bag.


Thank you for letting me know that you have good trip experience with our product!:hugging:

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Absolutely. All 3 of us use them everyday, especially when my son and I go camping with the Boy Scouts and we’re in the woods. The Astro E7 is going stronger than ever…

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:laughing: Anker is powering up your day!

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Try to keep batteries away from heat, say a longer USB cable and the battery in shade.

Absolutely. My son has a few lightning cables so he’ll keep the battery and phone in his pack while walking around. The only feature I wish was on the solar charger is a zippered pouch, not just the Velcro but that’s minor to me.

The lack of pouch was why I bought other than Anker, sometimes like cooler morning sun just keeping it all together is cleaner.

That’s understandable…

@nigelhealy which brand/name do you have? Why is it better? Cost?

I do not think it is appropriate in this Anker forum to promote non-Anker products.

I would say Anker should:

  • modify the product to be using the reverse side of the solar panel for its non-solar aspects like the USB sockets, this removes the panel with basically just fabric, saving weight.
  • make a zipped pouch rather than velcro. It is the same size but allows for either cables or a small Powercore to be stored securely, and when the temperatures are low (morning sun) to store your recharging device (phone, Powercore, etc) to be kept securely together.
  • consider its prices. For the solar products, they seem somewhat high. In some countries it is more than double the price. I like Anker’s customer service quality, but not that much!
  • consider the metal grommet placement.

Anker uses the same solar cells as others.

I would also like Anker to consider making their solar panels in a white fabric so there is a little less heat for when you are keeping the device nearer the solar panel.

Anker’s solar products perform extremely well, they are well reviewed, and I would be happy to help Anker make their products even better.


21w solar panels far exceeds my expectations. Charged my powercore 2 1000 faster than expected! Would definitely recommend.

Math please.

Sorry have no meter,went out for half day,very sunny,came back and powercore II slim 1000 was fully charged from just 1light before I left.just received them so don’t know much

So the Powercore II 10000 Slim is I think a 42Wh battery. You said you left it for half day in sunny conditions so assume it was pointed perfectly at the sun for the mid point of your half day then then 8 hours = 6 hours equivalent. 2A x 5W (10W) x 6h = 60Wh.

So you’d expect it to have finished recharging it substantially earlier than when you returned. If you stated with it and kept it perfectly pointed to the sun then a full recharge in about 4-5 hours, and if 1 light in even less 3-4 hours.


I recently purchased the Solar 15W. The first time I exposed it to sun the red LED on the IQ circuit board illuminated and appeared to start charging the attached device. The second time I exposed it to the sun, the red LED no longer illuminated and it does not appear to be providing a current for charging any longer. I can not find any instructions to reset the IQ circuit board. Is there a fix for this problem or do I need to return it for repairs / replacement?

Thanks in advance for your response.

The 2nd time was it in bright direct sunlight?

If so it sounds like a failed unit so email support@anker.com with your order details, serial number, some photos may help showing it not working and usually a reply in a day.