Powerport Solar 15W no red LED


I recently purchased the Solar 15W. The first time I exposed it to sun the red LED on the IQ circuit board illuminated and appeared to start charging the attached device. The second time I exposed it to the sun, the red LED no longer illuminated and it does not appear to be providing a current for charging any longer. I can not find any instructions to reset the IQ circuit board. Is there a fix for this problem or do I need to return it for repairs / replacement?

Thanks in advance for any response.

Hi @NigelBrown, sorry to hear that you have problems with your Solar Charger. If possible, would you please fold and unfold the Solar Charger to see if it works?

If the issue persists, would you please kindly contact us via email address: support@anker.com with your order number? We will try our best to make things right for you within 12 hours.

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AnkerDirect Customer Service Team
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