PowerPort Qi 10W and 7.5W charging with iPhone 8 Plus

Will this charger support the 7.5W “fast charging” speed that has been unlocked in iOS 11.2 beta? There is a lot of confusion regarding which wireless charging pads will support it (i.e. only the Belkin and Morphie chargers sold by Apple).

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Hi @croberts7 , as the Qi 10W is capable at fast charging a device at 10W and the iPhone 8 is maxed out at 7.5W, I would have thought so. You could drop support@anker.com a email before purchase for compatibility confirmation.

@ndalby keep in mind that the 10W fast charge wireless pad is only capable of outputting 10w with the use of quick charge 3.0 plug.

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Thanks for pointing out, I was going on the belief the OP might have already seen when looking at the product.