PowerPort permanently running devices

Very probably a stupid question, but…

And I’ve had a search and couldn’t find anything, apologies if it’s already been asked.

I have a fairly ‘smart’ home, and as such I have a load of devices running off various USB plugs. I have Hue, Tradfri, a Raspberry Pi plus an Echo Dot.

My cabinet with my NAS and all these devices needs a LOT of plugs and the cables are a nightmare.

I have a few of them all over the house in kids rooms for charging etc. But are the PowerPort devices designed to power stuff permanently as opposed to just charging?

I’m thinking I can cut down from 4 wall plugs to just 1.

I realise I would need to check the overall load isn’t too high, but am I OK doing this??

You may want to go for the Anker PowerPort 5

It has specs of 40W/8A 5-Port USB Charger – you may want to check the power / current ampere requirements of your devices and match this

There are also other desktop chargers here https://www.anker.com/products/108/216/Desktop-Chargers that you may check.


There are chargers with 6 and 10 outputs as far I remember:
I have one with 5.
This is enough for some devices.
And sometimes, you will see, the family will meet when charging! :joy:

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I’ve got 4 of those currently! Just wanted to check if they are rated for permanent power.

The PowerPort 5 states to have Surge protection, temperature control, advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.Apart from it, only says not to place is in an enclosed space. So this should be good for use / rated for permanent power. Hope i understood your question well.

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PowerPort 10 has 10-Port USBs for charging :smiley:

I agree with @Shenoy , the PowerPort 5 should work fine for what your needs.

Might want to check with @AnkerSupport or with @AnkerTechnical for an official answer. They may even find a better option for your needs.

I would say of all the chargers, a desktop charger was most likely to be safe for being left plugged in n power a device.

If you’re still unsure, email SUPPORT@ANKER.COM and they’ll be able to answer any concerns you have.

I have a PowerPort 2 that is powering 2 Raspberry Pi’s 24/7 for a few months now and I haven’t had any issues.

As others mentioned, be sure the charger has some room to breath as it will generate some heat.

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