Powerport PD2

Hello, my first two anker products, Powerport PD2 and Redux Powerbank.
The PD2 charger i got electrical shock on it, i measured between shield conector and ground mains and it gave me 80 volt on usb-c and usb ports, is this normal?

Please reach out to support@anker.com and the support representatives will be happy to assist you! In the meantime, it’s probably best to refrain from using the device until you receive a response from support.

Hello, it’s my first two anker products and i think i have a problem.
i bought a Powerport PD2 charger and a Redux 10000 PD powerbank, the charger i got an elctrical shock (only once) so i decide to measure the voltage on it, on usb-c and lightning cable i measured 80 volt AC not DC between shield conector and ground mains, is this normal?
I measured apple charger, both ipad and iphone, zero volt, huawei fast charge about 40 volt AC, samsung quick charge about 20 volt AC.

The charger isn’t earthed so you’re seeing added local static. Look for other sources like static (yourself off carpets) or a leaking other item.

E.g. if you walked over to the charger and touched it, the charger would be nearer to earth as not touched for a while and you then by touching it raise its voltage and then it sparks.

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Thanks, I don’t think I di understand your answer, as this only happens with the Anker one, no apple, Huawei or Samsung ones.

Support is a little useless, they say i have to send the charger to them, pay the delivery etc, this is not s great support.
Other brands (almost every other brands) pick up the defective product and send a new one.

…on the like platform?

On the like? Did you mean Anker? I have sent email to support on Anker, no answer till now (it has been two week or so) who did answer what’s ankerdirect Spain, o bought it on Amazon sold by Anker direct es, Spain.

Sucks you gotta pay shipping fees to send it back

True, i had to pay shippment and now they say 7-10 days to receive a new charger, i think i’m not buying anker again.
Support sucks, we have to pay to send something that is defective by Anker fault, that is dangerous to use, and then 7-10 days to receive a new one.
Anker was the first time and maybe the last, there are other good brands with better support.
In US i don’t know how it works, in Europe this is the way Anker deal with customers, pay and wait…

Not saying you’re wrong but utterly at odds with my experience in UK and USA.

My past USA and UK experience was a mixture of they sometimes said keep the unit and they sent me a replacement, or they asked me to post back with copy of receipt and they credited me back my cost, or drop off local free return place.

All orders Amazon, or Anker.com, in country.

Lol don’t give up on Anker just yet. They have good products and for the most part they take care of their customers. I’d suggest to give them another chance :+1:

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Well they say they will refund the shipping costs to my amazon account, let’s see.
About the new unit, they say they have to receive the faulty unit to send a new one, i know this is not true because i send the faulty one, send the carrier document copy and they said they will be shipping a new one, but 7-10 days, i will have to purchase another one but not a anker one, a aukley one seems good to try it out until anker unit arrives.
Let’s see if i give anker another chance or not, when new unit arrives i will measure voltages and test and if same thing ocurs i will not buy anker anymore, i don’t doubt anker is very good, but support is not that good, and if we pay for a good product with support included (anker always saying superb support) and then we have toi pay shipment, and wait 7-10 days for a new one, it’s not for me…

They did that for me twice. They did refund.

That’s where we diverged on experience, I got refund immediately on me emailing the postage receipt and they shipped a replacement. I posted with tracking so they could see I’d handed to post.

This seems a departure from most of us here of a positive warranty experience, and if yours is a sign of future I can imagine many sharing similar views as yourself.

A fair view, give them 2nd chance and if bad again then seems Anker has issues.

Well the refund entered my account, like they said.
But the 7-10 days of wait is unacceptable, everything I buy from Germany, Netherlands and so is maximum 3 days to arrive.
Anker in Europe is the worst support I ever had.
Like o said I will buy a aukey ant test it and if I like it bye bye Anker for good.
I need a charger and Anker is taking too long to send a replacement, for my knowledge Anker didn’t send the new replacement yet… unacceptable.
I tested other fast and quick chargers and all of them have ac voltage on conector shield, but not 80 volt, maximum I get was a Huawei fast charge with 20 volt AC, Samsung ones at 14 volt AC, Anker 80 volt AC, Apple ones (iPad and iPhone I use both) 0 volt AC and DC zero.
I think my Apple products will continue to charge with original chargers and Anker one (if replacement is better the one I sent) only to charge GoPro 9 batteries (dual charger).

So the issue is their stock level for this product in your region.

Others decide to expedite warranty replacement by going for refund. They initiate a warranty for refund then buy another, this can be faster as warranty replacement usually comes from Ankerdirect which is a different warehouse to FBA. If you check the warranty terms you see they have the right to send refurbished which could come from different source.

This may be related to different import duty rules but I’ve noticed in Europe that they hold their own warehouse in Poland and the warranty return address local from which refurbished may be shipped from. In USA items sometimes come straight from China, I’m guessing the EU is harder to import to.

It’s not a stock issue,it’s ankerdirect (Spain) policy.
I don’t know if it is in Poland, I sent my faulty charger to Germany, I think Germany is the headquarters in Europe.
Anker direct send me a message through Amazon saying the charger is on is way an expected delivery by tomorrow, if it is tomorrow it’s not 7-10 days, is less.
As for a refurbished, if it is a refurbished I will send it back and ask for my money back, the faulty one was brand new, did about 3 or 4 charges with it, so I don’t think a refurbished is a good thing, exchange something brand new for a refurbished is not a good thing, normally when is something with months or so company’s tend to exchange for a new one.
But let’s see if tomorrow I have news and post it here, expecting to trust Anker again.

Well i received the new charger today and same issue, 80 volt AC between connector shield and ground mains.
I don’t know if this is “normal” (for me it’s not) or really Anker quality control failing, i contacted them again to say what they got to say about this.
If this is normal they would say i’ts normal and didn’t exchange for a new one, now i’m waiting for them to answer.