Today i will review the PowerPort Pd 1 and maybe I’ll get you to switch from your stock charger and make you #USEANKERINSTEAD!

The PowerPort PD 1 is a simple, yet reliable and useful charger that delivers 18w. If all you need to charge is your phone and some wireless earbuds or small speakers or anything that uses an USB C charger and doesnt exceed 18w then, this charger is for you.

The charger comes in a gray color, has foldable prongs and features a circle in the middle which lights up letting you know the plug-in has power.

Its 18w means it delivers enough power to fast charge a samsung phone (tested this with a S9+ and S10+) and should charge your iPhone at a faster rate than using the stock iPhone charger which delivers 5w.

And while the newer Atom PD 1 delivers 30w, that charger is $30 vs $20 which is the cost of the PowerPort PD 1. So in theory, this could the middle ground or a powerful enough charger for those who dont need a lot of power for their devices.

So do yourself a favor and get a PowerPort PD 1 and #USEANKERINSTEAD!


Haha, nice review. I like the decorated charger :joy:

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I won a contest with it so I had to do a review on it


What did you win for the decoration contest?

I decided to go with the Eufy scale. I need to get back into the gym or at least eat healthier :+1: I shouldn’t have an excuse after I get the scale lol

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Oh you got to choose which prize you got? Interesting…

We had some choices, unfortunately I forgot what were the other items

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They announced what the items were, but they said they would be randomly assigned to the winners. They didn’t say anything about choices :joy:.

I would have choice the liberty lite…

Well I knew I was getting the Galaxy buds a few weeks later and decided to let another user get the liberty lite instead

Nice overview and example pics @ikari04warrior


Nice pics!!

Glad you liked them. Next time I’ll take better pictures, but I was in a rush to get the review done. Anyway, thanks for the comment :+1:

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Nice review and great pics :slight_smile:

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Thanks man. I was worried my review wasn’t too good and wouldn’t get any likes @cshenoy

Great Review @ikari04warrior ! Love the pics! So this only does 18W… Seems like it is more than perfect for the iPad Pro 2018. I got my wife the PowerPort II PD and she loves that she can charge phone and iPad at the same time! This PP II PD does 30W though.

Yes only 18w. If you have devices that need more power, I would recommend the Atom PD or something like that. But if you are only charging your phone or any other small devices, I’d recommend the PowerPort PD 1. But remember, it has a PD port, so make sure you have a USB-C to USB-C cable